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What're you listening to right now?

Started by #basedcowboyshirt

What movies are you watching??? Just curious....

Started by gookway

The worst song ever written

Started by LIC

Older is better

Started by LIC

Scariest book

Started by LIC

What video games are you playing right now?

Started by specter13

This is why..........

Started by LIC


Started by LIC

The Joker PBA

Started by LIC

Great lines in great songs

Started by LIC


Started by LIC

Bass player need.

Started by shanebarry1986

When I was a kid...

Started by LIC


Started by LIC

Faux Fighters

Started by shanebarry1986


Started by LIC

The Oscars

Started by eggieguffer

Parasite (2019) wins Golden Palm at Cannes

Started by HappyPlanetAbuser

Dave Chappelle

Started by Mr.DeMartino

What was your first Korean movie that you ever saw?

Started by CO2

Les Miserables

Started by SanderB

What Books are you reading???? just curious!

Started by buachaillbui

Concerts and other music

Started by LIC

Nirvana's 20 greatest songs

Started by Ronnie Omelettes

The Final Season of Game of Thrones

Started by JVPrice

Avengers Endgame discussion *with spoilers*

Started by T.J.

Heavy Metal, Trash , Rock pubs?

Started by lostinseoul


Started by johnny russian

The curious anti-Americanism of South Korean movies

Started by AMDC

By the gods I hate K-pop.

Started by Maclean

One band you think is underrated

Started by LIC

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Started by Joshuaflo

For all of us who have tried and played for better or worse.

Started by LIC

Bohemian Rhapsody: Kiss Scenes

Started by AlivePoet

Your favorite albums of 2018?

Started by Mister Tim

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Started by king_keezus

Korean musicians that've made a lasting impression on you?

Started by willhaviland

New bio questions Barack Obama's motives in marrying Michelle

Started by CDW

Concerts that were special, and why.

Started by Kolao

Song with Good Simple Rhymes?

Started by shostager


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