Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

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An Open Letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-In on the 2017 E2 Visa Crisis

Started by stressedinseoul


Started by wazure

Early hours construction

Started by Jmessler


Started by Davey

Life in Korea Apartment Guide (Washing Machine, Boiler, etc.)

Started by Brian

List of English Customer Service Hotlines

Started by JuliusCaesar108


Started by Davey

Out and about guide (cell phones, sending money home, post office, 등.)

Started by Brian

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Things that haven't caught on in Korea

Started by SPQR

What has changed/is changing the most in South Korea?

Started by VanIslander

The Future of EFL Survey

Started by Anor Londo

Why aren't you teaching on Jeju Island?

Started by VanIslander

Community-building event in Itaewon.

Started by Kyndo

Why are job posts immune from criticism.

Started by Bakeacake

Physical violence in Korea - How much can you get away with?

Started by guppy1000

Discrimination against Male Teachers

Started by JVPrice

I'm leaving Korea after 1 year teaching at Public School

Started by lonestar_mel

Who would you like to see as new Yongsan District Mayor?

Started by ToilingAjumma

Bear with me -geological activity and possible correlation to mass fatalities

Started by thunderlips

Smile Lasik in Korea

Started by mrohde13

Why do teachers get pets in Korea?

Started by eemneedah

Places to visit in Seoul

Started by L I

The forgotten elephant in the room: COVID(19).

Started by VanIslander

Anyone hit the festival down in Pyeongtaek/Camp Humphreys on Saturday?

Started by Augustiner

Best Korean bank for a credit card

Started by SPQR

Aren't you cold?

Started by hangook77

EPIK pay scale changes?

Started by D.L.Orean

What is considered a middle class income in seoul?

Started by obwannabe

Does Korea have anything resembling Cosplay?

Started by SPQR

Rules for Koreans (Hogwan Requirements)

Started by kengreen

How has your attitude to Korea changed?

Started by Sagi Keun

Typhoon Hinnamnor

Started by vicarious

Baby-making Strike!

Started by SPQR

Arc card leaving Korea?

Started by cashclay

Smoke a joint, in debt? JAIL! Kill your kids, relax,no problem.

Started by SPQR

Songs you're listening to now that remind you of

Started by Augustiner

What will you do in Korea when there are no more students?

Started by SPQR

Even from 2004...nothing has really changed...except..

Started by KoreaBoo

How often do you have to yell out to prevent a Korean walking into you?

Started by Sagi Keun

TV series you are watching now

Started by dippedinblush


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