Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

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Early hours construction

Started by Jmessler


Started by wazure


Started by Davey

Life in Korea Apartment Guide (Washing Machine, Boiler, etc.)

Started by Brian

An Open Letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-In on the 2017 E2 Visa Crisis

Started by stressedinseoul

List of English Customer Service Hotlines

Started by JuliusCaesar108


Started by Davey

Out and about guide (cell phones, sending money home, post office, 등.)

Started by Brian

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The exchange rate of suck

Started by NorthStar

Goshiwon photos

Started by stoat

Harassed by 3rd graders?....

Started by Princess-Love

Olympics Tokyo 2020

Started by nightninja

Marrying a Korean Public School teacher?

Started by hilsoo

Unusually Warm Winter Lies Ahead

Started by SPQR

Star Wars Advance Tickets

Started by tintin393

Which one of you perverts was this??

Started by Ollie_Cromwell

Lawmakers move to ban Tada's 'taxi business'

Started by oglop

U2 in Seoul this weekend

Started by plan b

International school--not so expensive/hagwon-ish

Started by kangsheng

Should I stay or should I go?

Started by Piggydee

Meet Korean Girls for International Students

Started by nameishere

Life in Korea after teaching

Started by nightninja

Stock trading in Korea for international students

Started by nameishere

Pride of Korea: I'm sick of it

Started by dippedinblush

These people have no right to call themselves teachers

Started by Aristocrat

Current Good Buys at Costco...

Started by OnNut81

You need a billion won to retire in Korea?

Started by SPQR

Boiler/Heater (Gas) Control 101

Started by Koradian

Life in Korea after teaching

Started by nightninja

Anyone try to get on KETO here?

Started by hangook77

You might as well keep your damn shoes on

Started by Aristocrat

Elementary schools need discipline systems

Started by MoneyMike

English acting classes/theater companies in Seoul?

Started by lsol_808

Middle school bullying on video

Started by Cohort 2019

Beppero Day is dying.

Started by Cyanea

F2-7 visa change in 2020

Started by TexasChicken

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) surgery?

Started by iclcandidate

NH Bank launched a new banking app

Started by belo horizonte

Fighting boredom

Started by norastelladora


Started by YOUCEF


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