Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

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Started by Davey

Life in Korea Apartment Guide (Washing Machine, Boiler, etc.)

Started by Brian


Started by wazure

An Open Letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-In on the 2017 E2 Visa Crisis

Started by stressedinseoul

List of English Customer Service Hotlines

Started by JuliusCaesar108


Started by Davey

Out and about guide (cell phones, sending money home, post office, 등.)

Started by Brian

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What is it with Koreans chucking trash on the street

Started by Colburnnn

Itís already hot

Started by APH

Customs ID??

Started by APH

Korea really does have some serious snakes

Started by SPQR

Help getting my pension outside of Korea

Started by NewNu2017

Koreans: Stop walking on the cycle lane!

Started by Cyanea


Started by Kristy teacher

What's the deal with dropping stationery on the floor?

Started by Aristocrat

Why is buying things online so complicated?

Started by APH

Best moving service I used in Korea

Started by barbbui

Korean Air credit card verification

Started by alexisalex

Foreign Remittance Help (new teacher from US)

Started by bb459

Air pollution - bad enough to leave Korea?

Started by pigeonfart

Spring in Korea!

Started by kyndo


Started by williamwhite

Whatís the obsession with mechanical pencils?

Started by waygo0k

Thyroid medication

Started by Melonade

FYI: The DMOE has just banned Netflix from school internet networks

Started by jslegacy85

Things Foreigners Should Never Do: Koreans Answer

Started by T_Rex

Where have all the 125cc scooters gone?

Started by obwannabe

Looking to rent a Bongo/Porter for a weekend

Started by Exuro

Documentary shows what went wrong in Sewol disaster

Started by Thomas Mc

Remittance Limit

Started by alexisalex

Question for savvy Amazon users

Started by OnNut81

Would you be a loser back home?

Started by Telephone33

denied access to Facebook Fvisa holder group?

Started by raycar

FAS/FASD and Methadone Clinics

Started by Foreverparadise

Are Koreans completely immune to noise?

Started by hangook77

Biographical information about previous life in Korea

Started by bananalaundrey

Why do Koreans always have to see before they believe?

Started by Cyanea

What do you want to do?

Started by Telephone33

What did you do on Friday night?

Started by Telephone33

English on Shirts in Korea

Started by bmsteacher


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