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Sending/Transferring Money Home (FAQ)

Started by sbbaas

Banking in Korea

Started by taeyang

suicide counseling

Started by sidewinder


Started by Davey

Services and Help Posting Policy

Started by jackdaniels

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Korean hospitals

Started by theman3285

Shipping a laptop from Korea to North America

Started by landry

Pension Refund

Started by MissNemo

Reporting the birth of a Child (American Citizen)

Started by Pizza

Did a midnight run long ago. Would like to return. Any info appreciated.

Started by too_old_to_game_

Health Check-up Before the End of the Year?

Started by shostager

How can I boost my credit rating?

Started by helpmegetmycreditscoreup

Asthma Meds in Pharmacy

Started by mcghe7

Starting visa application before getting a contract (for Americans on E2 app)

Started by drkhv77

How to extend a tourist visa in Korea without visa run. My experience.

Started by joohls

Help! Need E2 Visa, can only get electronic transcript?

Started by nannari

Has anyone ever heard of Neptune Language schools?

Started by Periwinkle

Canadian Passport renewal

Started by mikeD

Hagwon is trying to take my last month paycheck for wallpaper

Started by xnrlxnicole

Advice on getting a driver's licence.

Started by CO2

Woori SWIFT codes to receive wires from the US

Started by vern

Car dump site

Started by Kelemit

Employment Insurance

Started by shostager

How to get Korean Government Support package for COVID-19

Started by Jerald

Gambling on the stock market for NET?

Started by RobLPeters

EG Sim, anyone?

Started by theman3285

Shoplifting charge - help needed

Started by ickypixie

Internet Banking Certificate!

Started by jacobjones101

Phone number cancelled by immigration office?

Started by StillInKorea

California residents can't open Citibank Korea account?

Started by bfarrell1987

Expats cry foul over points-based new visa rules

Started by thecourttt

Certificate of Health Check

Started by Irv83

Second pension refund

Started by vern

Coming to Korea with a long-term visa: Quarantine options

Started by Don Hobak

Buying a car without an ARC

Started by StillInKorea

F 6 Visa Work Documents Question

Started by JimmyFizzle

Deportation Info

Started by curlybill

Accessing KB bank account abroad

Started by jlawson07

Lost my KEB/Hana Bank Account Information

Started by Sweetrevenge355

Receiving Pension date has passed, not received... what do I do now?

Started by xoninmuoshda


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