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Sending/Transferring Money Home (FAQ)

Started by sbbaas

Banking in Korea

Started by taeyang

suicide counseling

Started by sidewinder


Started by Davey

Services and Help Posting Policy

Started by jackdaniels

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Arc card leaving Korea

Started by cashclay

Not Allowed to Renew my Bank Card

Started by JVPrice

D10 renewal

Started by alanjohnsen

What's a reasonable price for dental work? Where's a good place to go?

Started by L I

Can't access NH account/coupang from the USA

Started by 5livelaughlove5

Can I renew bank certificate outside Korea after give ARC? NH bank specifically?

Started by hangulFreak

Keb/hana mobile app with Paypal

Started by thunderlips

Help transporting a dog from ICN to YYZ, Canada

Started by taeyang

Regaining F5 After Loss (out of country for more than 2 years)

Started by Big_Fella1

California residents can't open Citibank Korea account?

Started by bfarrell1987

Investing in crypto. (Good news for Canucks.)

Started by hangook77

NEIS Password Reset

Started by Megandunn

shipping stuff home (to the UK)

Started by helenk1234

Arrested in Korea for picture-taking. Any help or advice?

Started by Dazak

300k for a letter of release...worth it?

Started by Silencer

Shipping a Mobile Phone Domestically?

Started by StillInKorea

Living in two apartments more permanently

Started by krdav2022

Korea Budgeting Template

Started by Swervy

UK national with Irish passport only right now, should I renew my UK passport?

Started by SuperChohSun

How invasive is KakaoT ??

Started by Sagi Keun

Can a teacher on E-2 Visa have 2 apartments?

Started by Zair20

Contact Information for Geonggi-do EPIK Coordinator

Started by reply0313

Your renewal bonus taxed (?) and other fun tax time stories.

Started by Augustiner

Portable heating for a cold place in winter (if your heating is terrible).

Started by hangook77

Co-teaching Research

Started by clarelouise28

Potential problems with Open University Degree

Started by SnowmanJack

National Health Insurance?

Started by catbird

Does Celexa/Citalopram show up on the drug test?

Started by empress

EDIT: Shooting Video in public

Started by teacher0344

400k bill from NHIS

Started by teacher0344


Started by idkwhatsmyusername

Noises from the vernda.

Started by hangook77

Changing flight home date several weeks after applying for pension refund?

Started by giftsawait

Any luck registering for a vaccine appointment starting at 12:00 this morning?

Started by OnNut81

School Refuses to Contact their Teachers to Inform them of A student Corona Case

Started by Cmstone1


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