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Sending/Transferring Money Home (FAQ)

Started by sbbaas

Banking in Korea

Started by taeyang

suicide counseling

Started by sidewinder


Started by Davey

Services and Help Posting Policy

Started by jackdaniels

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Phone number cancelled by immigration office?

Started by StillInKorea

Certificate of Health Check

Started by Irv83

Second pension refund

Started by vern

Coming to Korea with a long-term visa: Quarantine options

Started by Don Hobak

Buying a car without an ARC

Started by StillInKorea

F 6 Visa Work Documents Question

Started by JimmyFizzle

Deportation Info

Started by curlybill

Accessing KB bank account abroad

Started by jlawson07

Lost my KEB/Hana Bank Account Information

Started by Sweetrevenge355

Receiving Pension date has passed, not received... what do I do now?

Started by xoninmuoshda

Salary Inquiry

Started by chardhannay

E2 Visa documents - expiration?

Started by m29

Do alternatives to international bank transfers depend on remittance departments

Started by brenthom

Printing and Laminating

Started by ashwalton

Hanpass overseas remittance: Wire transfer stuck

Started by me657

How to do Tracked Shipping

Started by ashwalton

Faulty used motorcycle return

Started by YogiMazdai

Stay period extended automatically by immi to avoid office visits

Started by OnNut81

Tax Time question

Started by persimmon14

Can E2s invest in Korea?

Started by robin_teacher

Having to pay after filing taxes.

Started by ashwalton

Severance pay after returning home — anyone had issues with NH online transfers?

Started by Mencoh

iphone 7 plus battery replacement

Started by Nokcha

Incorrect severance pay

Started by zizivee28

intercity moving and storage

Started by kcorjh

Legal way to import animal products (customs)?

Started by Novgorod

Korean customs number. Help, please!

Started by artsl

Renewing Car Insurance

Started by Teachersa

Plastic sheet installation for window

Started by vern

Can you cancel a KT phone plan at any Branch in Korea?

Started by giftsawait

Criminal Record Check from home country, while living in Korea land

Started by theman3285

Shoplifting charge - help needed

Started by ickypixie

working in china then going to korea

Started by tanis62458

What's a reasonable price for dental work? Where's a good place to go?

Started by L I

가계약 - putting a hold on a house

Started by AngryTypingGuy


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