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Started by Davey

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Preschoolers: insects topic

Started by GeorgeHardwick

Grammar book recommendations for Elementary

Started by tommybgoode

How do you teach vocabulary?

Started by HappyPlanetAbuser


Started by hadang

Game/Activity for Songs

Started by cabooklover


Started by Datasapien

connected to vs connecting grammar

Started by orange6ur1

Grammar question: Verb + Verb vs. Verb + Noun

Started by Immadoit

Grammar Relative Clause and/or what is the use of the auxiliary verb 'would'?

Started by beruang.panda

What: Interrogative or relative pronoun?

Started by Mister Tim

Teaching expats, where to start?

Started by SanderB


Started by alexisalex

Grammar question

Started by lesahlie

Grammar question about "in which/how"

Started by orange6ur1

How Do You Explain this?

Started by jaysoon17

MOVED: Can IRISH Citizens get their pension refund?

Started by annataleen

A MA in TESOL or M.Ed in TESOL?

Started by lelsasser

Question about a correct sentence!!

Started by young0706

Teaching own lessons or textbook?

Started by Melonade

"Make a plan and every effort"

Started by bluehermione

TEST QUESTION HELP: Which is/are also correct?

Started by lifeisgood6447

Class quietening techniques?

Started by Lo.Ft

I'm at a loss everyday of what to do - 12 after school classes with no tech

Started by tryingtogettokorea

Questionnaire for dissertation

Started by irishjohn1986

Idea vs. plan

Started by Kolao

Teaching phonics to 3rd grade middle

Started by granty451

Grammar Question: Is it possible ...?

Started by Datasapien

Teaching English Parts of Speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives) (Explicit teaching)

Started by beruang.panda

Short/Long Vowel PwrPnt

Started by emghals

5th grade

Started by Filarete

Grammar Question: Present Participle or Gerund?

Started by George Washington

How do co-teachers treat you?

Started by lolfroza

autistic student in 3rd grade

Started by lydiagst

Pinhole Photography supplies - Photo and Film Camp

Started by Jgrat

Is it okay to say come with me to indicate you're coming along??

Started by luckksy

even more interesting?

Started by mcghe7

Grammar question - met first time, met for the first time, met the first time

Started by jimwall5

Questions for the writing test

Started by baram1218

Grammar Question

Started by Cranberryopah


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