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Started by Davey

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Grammar of  Tag Questions

Started by nihoarismi

Middle school 20 minute 'English Cafe' - help please!!!

Started by ColtonCameron

Why do Koreans mispronounce the word 'an'?

Started by theman3285

First Time Teacher and Phonics

Started by SolarPrincess

I have never voiced the word "gerund" ever; change mostly actions into things

Started by VanIslander

Writing improvement 6YO

Started by cpolaski

MOVED: Going home for summer break

Started by Kyndo

Online Grammar Checker!

Started by PBJ

Teaching Saudi Arabian students to pronounce 'p' sound in English

Started by ShobujMiah

Teaching the plural noun of -s- to Saudi Arabian students

Started by ShobujMiah

Classroom Management - Saudi Arabian students

Started by ShobujMiah

English Board Games

Started by shizaquawn

Should there be a “that” in this sentence, and if so- why?

Started by Scott105

Elementary Open Class Help?

Started by BenjaminLucas

Help! My lessons suck

Started by Alex Hoy

Suggestions and Ideas for Teaching Zoology

Started by gill22

Textbook recommendations; advanced middle school student

Started by tamahari


Started by lifeisgood6447

what's the difference between these future forms??

Started by Guillaume1

If I was/were

Started by Liechtenstein

Book Suggestions for Elementary 1st Graders

Started by Belpit

How to improve my punctuation

Started by RileyDylan

Demo Lesson Advice?

Started by CookieCat

Informal Name Capitalisation Question

Started by farukhcasy2

Short Anime in English for Winter Camp??

Started by BenjaminLucas

Velcro Story Boards?

Started by colebricht

Suggestions and procedures on how to conduct speaking tests.

Started by LennoxConner

How do you teach vocabulary?

Started by HappyPlanetAbuser

Is this sentence grammatically correct? [SOLVED - DELETE]

Started by shostager

Suggestions and procedures on how to conduct speaking tests?

Started by DanielHenry

Giving Advice (How about...)?

Started by AfjalKhan

How to present subjunctive?

Started by Samebeef

Should I use a colon, semicolon, or the good ol’ period?

Started by baiselmareo6

I have never heard such a beautiful story vs I have heard such a beautiful story

Started by AaronGavin

Referring in a relative clause back to the same thing referenced by the relative

Started by BennettTristan

Punctuation inside or outside of quotations, but with a strange twist

Started by CarlosMax

If something has an agenda, it is 'agendered'? 'agendad'? 'agendaed'?

Started by AntonioCole

There have vs There has

Started by DamianSilas

Teaching after school classes help

Started by oriqimi


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