Elementary Lessons

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Story PPT s

Started by kaymac

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Christmas Games

Started by CMC2668

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Lesson Materials

Started by bananamadi

Zelda Chest Game - In the End (Linkin Park)

Started by LightinDarkness

Verb 'To Be' Activity

Started by CMC2668

Indi school website.

Started by hangook77

3rd-6th grade elementary Golden Bell quiz

Started by Gen_JG


Started by bmym80

Low Level Afterschool English Class. Please help.

Started by talk20gen

Teaching 1st Grade Beginner Level Phrases

Started by JVPrice

Basic Phonics Worksheets-Level 1

Started by lelsasser

Cheonjae Textbook Many Broken Items ("New"? Non-Flash Version)

Started by mart3318

Afterschool classes with 3rd&4th garde

Started by carolpitje1

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the BIG HUNGRY BEAR

Started by seltow


Started by EHDunning

After School Class - Advanced Class Materials

Started by epinephrine9

Lunar New Year

Started by lele181818

Christmas Lessons

Started by dchrzano

Elementary Phonics Lessons with VIdeos

Started by ChiSunIm

Christmas Quiz - What Am I?

Started by CMC2668

Children's/Educational Songs (Lyrics, PPTs, Worksheets)

Started by rhetoric


Started by deweybeach

Halloween Worksheets

Started by CMC2668

Halloween PPTs :)

Started by KarineESL

Phonics - Telephone Game

Started by robja23

Free ESL Worksheets

Started by CMC2668

Phonics Guessing Games For Kids

Started by CMC2668

Phonics Curriculum / Assessments.

Started by talk20gen

After School English Class

Started by cabooklover

Song suggestions

Started by valium kilmer

Monster Face Warm Up Game - fun sticky ball game for any class

Started by robja23

Color Lessons (PPT/Games)

Started by Warrior

Adjectives Olympics

Started by robja23

Sentece Split Game

Started by robja23

Funky Action Warm Up Song

Started by robja23

Animals - What Am I? Quiz

Started by CMC2668

Easy Riddles Activity

Started by CMC2668

7 different ways to play Rock, Paper, Scissors in your English class

Started by robja23

Past Tense Telepathy Game

Started by CMC2668

3rd Grade Flashcards

Started by ksokolow


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