Elementary Lessons

Draw A Monster - Descriptions / body parts Game

Started by CMC2668

Action Verbs Game for intro / review

Started by CMC2668


Started by deweybeach

Top 5 Quiz

Started by CMC2668

Body Spelling Bee TPR

Started by meghan493

Sports Vocabulary Guessing Game

Started by CMC2668

What Am I? - Easy English Quiz

Started by CMC2668

Fire and Ice Game

Started by meghan493

Vocabulary Guessing Game - Jobs and Occupations

Started by CMC2668

Vocabulary Guessing Game - Places / Buildings

Started by CMC2668

Vocabulary Guessing Game - Food

Started by CMC2668

Basic Phonics Worksheets-Level 1

Started by lelsasser

Christmas How many snowmen game GR3-4

Started by kellyBRUINDERS

Christmas Telepathy Game Video - What do you want for Christmas?

Started by CMC2668

M.A.S.H. Game

Started by meghan493

Christmas Game - How Many Snowmen?

Started by CMC2668

Christmas Guessing Game

Started by CMC2668

Story PPT s

Started by kaymac

Kindergarten Lesson using "Hooray for Fish!" by Lucy Collins

Started by 19Evans

Speechless (Aladdin) MV Quiz/Lyric Worksheet

Started by ak1700

Shapes Lesson and Song For Beginners (Song, Worksheet, Ppt, Game)

Started by EnderWiggin

Dia De Los Muertos

Started by vikit84

The Phonics Train Game - CVC Words with letter A

Started by CMC2668

PowerPoint Game Template - SLEEPING PENGUINS

Started by CMC2668

100 Games for Teaching English to Children in Asia

Started by twebb

Make Hangman more fun with this game

Started by CMC2668

Speaking Lessons

Started by dunkle

Word Snake (Scrabble-type game)

Started by notboringenglish

The Phonics Train - 'What's missing?' Flashcard Game

Started by CMC2668

Top Five Quizes for review lessons

Started by CMC2668

Present Tense SpeakingGame (great filler)

Started by Pizza

4 Pokemon card games for superlatives/comparatives

Started by thomwiley23

Adverbs of frequency - How often do you...? DICE GAME

Started by CMC2668

After School English Class

Started by cabooklover

'Would you rather...?' Game

Started by notboringenglish

The ULTIMATE Illustrated Writing Game

Started by rocketeerjoe

3/4 grade PwrPt. Lesson Plans - Animals (pokemon) & Seasons

Started by Shaddock

Do you teach elementary students sight words?

Started by luckksy

Adjective words for People

Started by tanishatempest

Pass the Ball Game Music Video - Can use with any target language with no prep

Started by CMC2668


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