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You may post your contract (or portions of it) here, if you need help reviewing its terms and conditions.

Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

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Started by Davey

Deskwarming FAQ/Thread [MEGA THREAD]

Started by Ectofuego

E2 and D10 VISA FAQ (In Progress)

Started by Davey

FAQ (ARC, extending visa, severance, etc., etc.) UPDATED August 28, 2014

Started by Davey

Fingerprints/Criminal Record Check (Canadian Teachers)

Started by AliG

How to Obtain Proof You Taught in Korea

Started by Ilsan_dude

List of National Pension Offices.

Started by Brian


Started by taeyang


Started by Davey

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Severance late and using a labor advocate

Started by thunderlips

Quitting midway through an EPIK contract without 60-day notice

Started by tik2018

Is your hagwon open?

Started by SPQR

Legal to fire after 3 written warnings, or is 1 month notice required?

Started by Sagi Keun

B.A. diploma--is having one, certified copy sufficient when applying for jobs?

Started by tamahari

Heads up. Immigration now wants copy of last year's tax return.

Started by hangook77

More crokery from Jeollanamdo provincial government

Started by thunderlips


Started by carolpitje1

HELP: Police Check for UK Citizens Overseas

Started by robert91

Desk warming lunch

Started by thunderlips

EPIK housing allowance question (want to move in with my partner)

Started by snm

SMOE Resigning Vacation Bonus Question??

Started by Nikkie595

cnbc promotes teaching in Korea.

Started by Sagi Keun

Curious why there are no jobs in Daejeon these days

Started by clockstopped

I called my boss an idiot. Can she sue me?

Started by Sagi Keun

Heath insurance while on a D10 visa - mandatory? I'm being fined?!!

Started by alanjohnsen

Teacher Blacklist: Does it still exist?

Started by gurudanny98

Fired/quit to D10 visa?! Possible with/without a LOR?

Started by alanjohnsen

US tax and pension and severance pay questions

Started by Nokcha

Gyeonggi foreign teacher seminar

Started by Cyanea

My principal refuses to renew my contract if I wanna transfer (SMOE). What now?

Started by thecourttt

Verification of previous employment in Korea

Started by cactusg

Former EPIK teacher with F6 - what to do now?

Started by Habla Ingles?

Contract - can someone help? This is the first contract Iíve been offered!

Started by saradasilva

Monthly Salary Seems Odd, Help?

Started by persimmon14

Hagwons and COVID related issues

Started by JVPrice

Teacher Turnover Rate in Rural Public Schools

Started by fruitloops

How to become a certified teacher at international schools

Started by chiyo0520

EPIK Criteria - Proof of Education - Records were destroyed!

Started by Pola

We have to give up vacation days now to take a school holiday?

Started by hangook77

Rural Schools Are Closing Down

Started by fruitloops


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