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Books for Learning Korean (Self-Study)

Started by Brian

Washing Machine Guide

Started by raisedbywoolves


Started by Davey

Boiler/Gas Control

Started by Davey


Started by Davey

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What's the purpose of these rooms at school?

Started by Aristocrat

What helped you learn Korean?

Started by buckybee

Gepik, Epik, SMOE, Grievances

Started by dippedinblush

What would happen if you died in Korea?

Started by dippedinblush

KIIP Study Materials New Book

Started by buckybee

Weirdness in Korea!!!!!! (things that make you go Mhhhhhmmm?)

Started by dippedinblush

English phrases that have no Korean equivalent

Started by Don Hobak

Looking to sell PS4 500gb original box and 15-16 games 450,00 won obo

Started by dippedinblush

Online postal service

Started by Aristocrat

Mod please delete

Started by illi

Name my child

Started by Don Hobak

3 things you've learned about yourself while being in Korea

Started by dippedinblush

[ASK] Applying for a D4 study visa inside of Korea

Started by andyandy

Getting a Legit Massage in Korea~ Where?

Started by dippedinblush

Albums that need to be listened to in their entirety

Started by dippedinblush

Learn The Korean Alphabet

Started by CMC2668

How to say "Native American" (American Indian) in Korean???

Started by williamwhite

Get one extra shot of coffee for FREE at Starbucks

Started by charlie99

How do you say "I have soggy undergarments" in Korean?

Started by AvecPommesFrites

About time I improve my Korean

Started by Aristocrat


Started by Wintermute

Was given interesting information regarding the e-2 visa

Started by Maury V.

Korean Hospitals

Started by SPQR

Disregard or delete

Started by thunderlips


Started by CMC2668

English Driving Academy (Busan or Ulsan)

Started by jacobrohr

Furniture reupholstery?

Started by rhkr74241

어 sound (Waygook, why is this title so CRAP)

Started by CO2

Missing packages.

Started by hulme187

Fly to Osaka and back for 99$ .. lol

Started by PatrickBateman

How do you say "stay in your lane" or "use your indicator?"

Started by MayorHaggar

Does "196 man won" = 196,000 or 1,960,000

Started by kiwikimchi

Is Learning Korean Worth It?

Started by CDW

Korean Typing Game

Started by chuckd

who's ready to start a hobby with new Korean friends?

Started by letsstarthobbing


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