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Books for Learning Korean (Self-Study)

Started by Brian

Washing Machine Guide

Started by raisedbywoolves


Started by Davey

Boiler/Gas Control

Started by Davey


Started by Davey

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Does "196 man won" = 196,000 or 1,960,000

Started by kiwikimchi

Is Learning Korean Worth It?

Started by CDW

Korean Typing Game

Started by chuckd

who's ready to start a hobby with new Korean friends?

Started by letsstarthobbing


Started by miketee888

Weight loss pill prescription

Started by Tinagaogao

How to report a change of address?

Started by vanessarose7

Post office text message - help!

Started by JNM

Why online translators are virtually useless to help study Korean

Started by Cyanea

Why do people want to learn Korean without ever having visited Korea before?

Started by Cyanea

[Ask] F-3 Visa or ARC Conditions

Started by gigit87

I built an program to help people learn Korean through reading - ReadKorean.org

Started by nimrand

How to say "Native American" (American Indian) in Korean???

Started by williamwhite

Food Delivery Apps

Started by TylerSwier

Made a free game for learning Korean vocabulary

Started by robmcmac

Thursh medicine in Korea

Started by UKsimon

Motorcycle Questions

Started by AnthroInKorea28

I need help regarding my bank account

Started by Smartpenguin

SNU Korean textbook

Started by lizzie10

Vocabulary for Korean Learners!

Started by stevospec1

How's my Korean?

Started by donovan

Why Korean is less scientific than English

Started by L I

How do you say "stay in your lane" or "use your indicator?"

Started by MayorHaggar

Ask me how to say anything in Korean!

Started by Korean-American-Korean

Furniture reupholstery?

Started by daechan16

Free Korean class online

Started by R.S.

Survey to help make learning Korean easier...

Started by nimrand

Should I bother?

Started by moonskie

Hangul PPT games in Korean w/ Kpop or dramas

Started by sapphirewind

Korean Scripts Online

Started by yima1993

Need help learning a phrase.

Started by madison79

Korean Dramas with Korean subtitles

Started by thisneverworks

Teach using Rap. Students love it and I'm the hippest teacher in school...

Started by iamsam

Korean easier to learn than English?

Started by The Arm

Plateaued at Intermediate 1

Started by robin_teacher


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