Multi-Level Concepts and Lessons  - Lessons, and ideas that can be easily adapted to different classes. 

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Games Galore!

Started by asabranca

Fulbright Manual (2003-2004) and EPIK's GET guidebook

Started by Dyl

Index - Multi-Level Concepts and Lessons

Started by complex303

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EBS English song lyrics

Started by L I

Words for Hangman

Started by vicarious

New Year Traditions

Started by L I

How the grinch stole christmas 1966

Started by Warrior


Started by L I

Share your favourite Youtube videos or pics for class starters

Started by christina_nz

Korean vs American school culture lesson

Started by stacykristina

Kwanzaa ppt.

Started by MattA4514

Teaching the Cultures of America

Started by salinecjr

The ULTIMATE Hot Seat Game (Categorized, Randomized, 200+ Pics)

Started by teacher1988

Personality Quiz

Started by ak1700

Left or Right warmup game

Started by ak1700

Who's Behind the Mask?

Started by ak1700

Ordinal numbers in music (1-10)

Started by L I

Tongue Twisters

Started by Virginia

Coronavirus YT (kor eng subs)

Started by orange6ur1

Guess the Seasons in Songs

Started by L I

What can you do? Funny Song - Can you swim in orange juice?

Started by robja23

Passcode Dash Warm Up Activity/Game

Started by robja23

Boy's Clothes "Catalogue" Handout

Started by Lorinefairy

Friends Theme Song Activity

Started by vinalves

Frozen 2

Started by L I

Introducing a Partner (as a class presentation)

Started by Pizza

King's drinking game modified

Started by hammer

Last Minute speaking game

Started by hockeyguard


Started by Wintermute

personality adjectives vocabulary and speaking activity

Started by Pizza

Talking about favorites. Good first week activity.

Started by Pizza

Partner Interview. Good for the beginning of the school year!

Started by Pizza

Nice to Meet You Board Game

Started by Pizza

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Started by Pizza

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Information Gap

Started by Pizza

Sweets---Partner Speaking Activity (great time filler)

Started by Pizza

Clothes---Partner Speaking Activity

Started by Pizza

What Are Some Outdoor Activities You Do with a Cell Phone?

Started by jaysoon17

Nice to Meet You partner dialogue builder

Started by Pizza

Korean to English verb crossword puzzle

Started by Pizza


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