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Drop-in Classes with 0-4 students attending...Tips please
« on: May 25, 2016, 07:08:19 am » I signed up for a hagwon job after teaching my major at a university before for three and a half years.  I was also a NET for one year in high school before that.

The job description stipulated I will teach 7 hours per day and the attendance is 5-6 students per class. 

Eye-opener:  it is a drop-in class - no fixed class times and students are flexible for what time they want to attend a class each day.  It means that there is no fixed class structure and the variety of students in a class will be different every day.

More destabilizing to my day is the fact that sometimes only 1 student will arrive. The most students I have had attending the class was 4.

So, my conclusion is that I cannot prepare group activities and I need to contain each topic/theme in a single 50-minute class.  I also cannot hand out homework like relevant vocabulary sheets or  articles to pre-read unless I distribute it electronically - and I don't think they will actually consult the resource archive before they came to class.

I'm currently doing video lessons, article discussions and describing pictures - and I feel it a bit of a wasted effort on a limited number of students who need to be prompted to speak most of the time.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Re: Drop-in Classes with 0-4 students attending...Tips please
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2016, 08:04:43 am »
This sounds like a nightmare.

The only ideas I have at the moment would be to "theme" each day/class. For example, words/phrases related to travel (probably a bad example but you see what I mean).

That and I say give out vocabulary. Have a sheet ready with some vocab and have the students look them up in a dictionary and have them write the Korean equivalent. When that student (eventually) returns to your class, collect their vocabulary sheet and quiz them on the spelling and understanding of the word (make them write the English and Korean).

Maybe, try to keep a record of your students and which ones have attended which lessons so you can see when they cross and then find new lessons to teach the group or make the others who have attended that lesson teach it to the ones who haven't as a review game.