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Hi everyone,

I developed this camp over the winter and taught it twice, as a four day and five day session. I omitted the Portraits (first day) in the four day camp.

Please find attached the week outlines and materials sheets.

Each day will be uploaded in a separate post to make it more organized. ^^

Day 1 - Portraits (self portrait / own country project)
Day 2 - Stories in Art (guess the story game // Hercules movie // make your own story vase)
Day 3 - Symbols (symbols guessing game // African dance and masks // make a mask // mosaics and candy mosaics)
Day 4 - Modern Art (art or garbage game // pollack and tee shirts // graffiti art - graffiti tag and mural)
Day 5 - Art Gallery day (practice criticism - art book// games period (free play) // set up gallery and vote // critique and snacks)
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Re: Art around the World (Winter or Summer Camp 4 or 5 day camp)
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Day 1 - Portraits

Cultural idea is showing differences in how power is represented in portraits. Perhaps a bit over their heads, but they got the gist anyway!

1 - overview of week / icebreakers (you can set teams for the camp duration or not, i did it both ways)
2- King or person game - sort students into teams if not done already - ask them to explain why they think that
3/4- Introduce drawing yourself as a kind/queen (Zico's album cover from 2015 is in there bc he's basically dressed exactly like Napoleon kkk) // brainstorm with them about might be important to include about their country - make sure students write first, THEN illustrate or they'll spend the whole time drawing. sigh. lol // present //
+time filler spot the difference game with portraits - I didn't need to use it but it's there ~

colored pencils/ markers/ poster size sketch paper / you can make fun frames or something out of gold paper, but I ran out of time :(

Re: Art around the World (Winter or Summer Camp 4 or 5 day camp)
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Day 2 - Stories in Art

Learning idea is parts of a story in myths.

1 - explain myth // elicit korean myths // talk about parts of a story and explain using a myth they provided // play what happens now game - have them write in notebooks in small groups
2- Start Hercules movie
3- pause movie and explain project // make a story using the parts of a story listed - have them trace urn template (I still need to upload this bc it was handmade : )) - see notes// begin working
4- start hercules again and have them continue working though // present at end!

black markers/ a4 colored papers (let them choose the colors they like) / gold marker pens or something can make them extra pretty if you have money ^^

Re: Art around the World (Winter or Summer Camp 4 or 5 day camp)
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Day 3 - Patterns and Symbols

Cultural idea is showing similarities and differences between symbolism in different countries. Case study is African masks and dancing and mosaics (many cultures have practiced these~)

1 - PPT on symbols - guessing game with well known ones / intro korean masks and dance , follow with African dance videos
2- Intro mask project / work period (yay)
3 - mask work period (originally i was going to have them make a role play/dance but there wasn't time~)
4- Mosaics intro with guessing game (zoomed in) / make a snack mosaic (you will need a large variety of candy for this period!)

that crafts cardboard/ any other colored board you can find, scissors, glue/tape, buckets of candy
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Re: Art around the World (Winter or Summer Camp 4 or 5 day camp)
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Day 4 - Modern Art

Most of the students are totally unfamiliar with modern art. (It's funny to show them things like Duchamp's urinal). Basically introduces the idea of "what is art???"

1 - Introduce modern art / art or garbage game - have them guess which it is and how much it costs <- this was highly amusing for everyone
2- intro pollack and show a video of him painting (attached is video of someone demo'ing his technique) / make splatter art shirts using stencils
3 - realistically unless you have a really small class you will continue shirts until this period~~~ ( I would suggest making multiple stations for painting and using huge amounts of dropcloths/newspaper)
4- Learn about graffiti / try to read tags / make your own tag (if time have everyone collaborate on a large "mural")

shirts, acrylic paint (water it down to a runny consistency), scrap board/paper for stencils, scissors/craft blades, double stick tape (to attach stencils), cheap paint brushes, cups for paint
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Re: Art around the World (Winter or Summer Camp 4 or 5 day camp)
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Day 5 - Gallery day

Just a fun day. They show all the work they've done and play games, etc.

1 - intro what a gallery is - make a "critique book" so they can give each other suggestions later
2- game period (I just brought in a bunch of games where they'd have to use English, ie bananagrams - if they lost a game, they got punished by having their face drawn on)
3 - set up gallery and vote / leave comments in each others books
4- snacks and prizes / share some good comments about each person / games

games, paper for books, snacks, prizes for winners, glass markers (grease crayons basically) and/or face paint, face wash

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Re: Art around the World (Winter or Summer Camp 4 or 5 day camp)
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Hey there, this is a great, great post! Thank you for sharing it. There aren't that many good art related projects on here, so I'm really glad I found this one. I've got a 2 day camp coming up and was planning to do a Banksy/stencilling themed lesson on one day. I could definitely merge the tag/name tag activity into that. Should be fun!