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Who's Behind The Card / What's Behind The Card? Games
« on: April 27, 2016, 07:52:23 am »
Hi there.

These games are working great in my after school lessons. It's also been great for my grade 6 class that are on to facial features and hair in their lesson "what do they look like?" (older textbook). I made 2 of these games, because the first went so well.

Basically, it's a reading game where you give clues and they should draw the clues with crayons and paper, to help them with their guesses. Some they are able to guess but quite a few they can't get and when it's revealed they go nuts! This was honestly an unexpected - great lesson, I didn't think they'd get so into it and excited to guess.

For free downloads for both power points, go here:

Happy Teaching!  :cheesy: