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Grammar Review- Parts of Speech & Sentence Structure
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Hey all,

For any middle school grade level (eventual goal would be to reach the point where only first graders NEED this review and study tool) that is currently struggling with the names of the parts of speech or figuring out proper word order, I designed this super concise PowerPoint that is intended to be printed off in color and given to the students as a study guide and reference for them to use when writing sentences.  (Please conserve paper and also don't overcrowd your students' textbooks by printing full-page slides- they'll throw it out if it's bulky.  You can do 4 slides/ page, front and back, and now the kids have a handy single sheet of paper that they can tape an edge into the front of their textbook and always have it available.)

The kids have been learning English in a largely verbal manner for at least four years, but in middle school, things start to get technical.  They don't have notes that they've been saving from English class since third grade and are likely going off of intuition and regurgitating the wrote method of learning in order to express thoughts.  If they have a guide to reference about basic sentence structure, and if they are reminded and encouraged to refer to it, they can confidently check if they are writing sentences properly and the rules will start to stick and become embedded in their practice over time.  I chose colors to represent each part of speech, as I believe that that is the clearest way to visually represent what is going on for our visual learners out there.

As you present the PowerPoint, I suggest saying each part of speech aloud in English and making the students repeat, then, when you move onto later slides, which don't have the Korean, ask the students to verify ("What's an article?"  "Where does it go?"  "Before?  What's 'before' in Korean?")  After the review section, I have a game to follow up.  You can play with teams, partners, or individuals, depending on your class size. 

The sentences are scrambled up and the students have to write down the proper sentence on a piece of paper.  Getting a scrambled sentence correct is worth 1 point.  For the free write slides (3 pts), the videos link to a YouTube clip for either a 30-second (left) or 60-second countdown (right).  If you choose to play with the free writes, students get the allotted time to write the best, most complex, but grammatically accurate sentence that they can.  You then get to choose the best answer and award points, or choose a few answers and award descending points.  I like to encourage creativity, too, so if you ever have a tie of complexity and accuracy between some students, I give points to the most creative or amusing answer.  The FINAL free-write (5 pts) is intended to be 60 seconds and an all-out challenge to create the best sentence the students can muster.

Good luck, and I hope you find this helpful!
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Re: Grammar Review- Parts of Speech & Sentence Structure
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Side note:
On the handout next to "Articles" have the kids write "a, an, the" and explain that these are the only 3 words that are articles in English.
Next to "Conjunctions" I had my students write "and, but, or" and explained that there were more conjunctions, but these are three of the most common ones.

Re: Grammar Review- Parts of Speech & Sentence Structure
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Wow!!!! These powerpoints are great!!! Thank you!!

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Re: Grammar Review- Parts of Speech & Sentence Structure
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This is amazing and has consistently worked well with my first and third graders