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    • September 30, 2011, 12:57:37 pm
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I threw these together for storybook lessons for my 1st and 2nd graders.

They loved em', so I figure yours might too

I read the book with them in the first lesson and then made, coloured and read minibooks with them in the 2nd.

Instructions: (I did it with the kids step by step in front of the class)

You need to fold it in half 3 times

Unfold it twice

cut along the line/fold (depending on your printer the line may or may not be correct)

open it completely

fold it in half long way

push the sides together so the gap opens up.

Fold the pages in (should be self explanatory at this point)

boom you got yourself a minibook.

Get the kids to color it then read it together for a kickass lesson.

If you use it, throw in a comment or something I don't watermark my materials or anything because I think that seems like a bit of a dick move.

If you decide to make your own minibooks you can use the old macdonald one as somewhat of a template just right click and replace image in microsoft word, it will orient it correctly and so long as the image roughly the right size it will will work.

Over the semester I'm going to be making more of these, I'm not exactly sure what books are up next but when I remember I'll upload em here.


Edit: added the wheels on the bus (Annie Kubler Version), should be adding Dear Zoo sometime next week
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Like it like it!
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Thanks so much! The booklet is really helpful! I will use it for my animals lesson!