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    • October 30, 2015, 05:42:40 pm
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   I have been offered a job in a private elementary school. It seems to have the same holidays/vacations as a public school, so is not a hagwon. It's in a rural location. There's a private middle school nearby, and they seem to be both run by the same guy. One western teacher has been there several years. The other-whom I think was fired, or quit-stayed 15 months. I was told I could not contact him because he had left.
    Have you ever taught in a private elementary or private middle school? What is it like to work there? I am NOT talking about kindie-hagwons.


I taught at a private middle school for one year.  It closed down after that so I had no choice to change schools.  It was great it was so relaxed all the teachers had been there for 15+ years and so everyone had a great relationship with everyone else.  Even though I was with EPIK at the time and was meant to do 8 hour days I was allowed to leave early everyday as long as my lesson plans were done.