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Mario Mines (no computer game)
« on: February 02, 2016, 01:41:41 pm »
Hi all,
Thought I'd give back to the waygook community. I constructed a Mario themed activity without having to use a computer. (Found pictures online, credit to whoever created them!)

The game is prepared by cutting each sheet in half, sticking them to a piece of black paper (so you can't see through the cards) and laminating them.

In my version of the game, they were placed in a 6x6 square on the ground (face down). Students took turns, in teams (starting from a predetermined point), to describe a direction (ie. Go straight two blocks/spaces, turn left, go straight one space). Students would then flip the card that would either have good points, bad points, or a special card (switch, candy).

The directions are somewhat lengthy, but the game itself is very simple. I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the game in play, but it does work in an elementary class setting.

The directions theme can be changed for something else. It's possible to buy white markers (white white-board markers) and write words or sentences on the cards which can then be said before flipping. Cards could also be hole punched so can hung on walls.

Hope this helps someone:)
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