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« on: January 11, 2016, 12:00:52 pm »
Hello, I am thinking about taking a job at the YBM PSA school in Busan. I am wondering if  anyone can tell me how the job is. Thanks

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Hi, I know this is a three-year-old post but I was wondering if you took the job at YBM PSA in Busan? I have a job offer from them currently and am wondering if I should take it or just renew with EPIK. Thank for your time  :-)

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Perhaps no news is good news. What I know is that the Seoul branches are professionally  run, but it can feel like an ESL factory. Think big rooms, lots of tired middle schoolers at night, one Korean teacher yelling 1bon a, 2bon b etc, simply droning out the answers of a test. You have a book (their own method) and that's it and you 'teach' the conversation part to a small group. Now I would have hated their dumb  methodology but everyone in Korea teaches that way so I'm probably the nutter here. :rolleyes:

I don't know anything about their PSA branch but your hours are 9-5 so that's probably kinder+elementary, back-to-back classes. Being in Pusan, at a dept. store building must account for something.

My advice: negotiate well, check what is offered when you're ill, discuss whether working overtime on Saturdays is optional, check the apartment, Pusan gets pretty humid in summer.

If I had been in K. I might have applied, too since the air is much cleaner in Pusan.
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