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The two times that I have been asked to re-sign were all less than a month before my contract ended. Both times were chaotic, but I felt confident both times that I would be asked to re-sign. I asked months ahead of time, and they said that they still need to discuss about it, but I knew they were just procrastinating.

I feel a bit uncomfortable for this re-signing as the one teacher, who is the only one who has a problem with me (out of all my co-teachers), is the only one staying for the next school year. This person is also my handler, which makes things worse. How early, or how late have you been asked to re-sign?

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  • Expert Waygook

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    • September 03, 2012, 01:16:21 pm
    • Yangsan, Korea
My school always asks me really early (like 6 months) and then again several times before the end of my contract, but I never actually sign the new contract until about a week before the new contract is supposed to start.