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Easy snowman craft for grades 1-4
« on: December 10, 2015, 12:38:41 pm »
I'm doing a snowman craft with the kids in my afterschool classes this week. The materials are very cheap/recycled and it keeps the kids occupied, so I'm happy!

I also play "Do you wanna build a snowman?" from Frozen and teach winter vocab words.

Materials needed:

  • Mini yogurt bottles, empty and clean of course  ;D You can find a pack of 20 of these things for about 2,000 won at the grocery store. Or, if your school serves them at lunch, ask the lunch lady nicely if you can take some of the empty bottles after. They're actually pretty good.
    White paint
    Cloth in any color (3 inches by 1 inch for each student) I recommend just an old t-shirt or something.
    Black construction paper
    Googly eyes (optional)
    Hot glue
    Regular glue

It's pretty self-explanatory.


1. Have the kids paint the vita yogu bottles white.

2.  While they are waiting for it to dry, have them cut the cloth into three strips. Then, tie pieces together at one end, braid it, and then knot at the other end.  This makes it look a little more like a scarf I think. Optional, though.

3. Have the kids paint a second layer, if needed.

4. Construct the hat out of scraps of black paper. I give the 1st and 2nd grades two pre-cut pieces and have them watch me do it and follow along. With 3rd and 4th grade, I let them cut the pieces themselves and get more creative.

For the brim, I trace the bottom of the yogurt bottle and cut those out. Then, I just cut a small rectangle for the tall part of the hat and they can glue it into the size cylinder they prefer, thin/fat whatever.

You can then either hot glue it onto the brim or have them snip about a millimeter down on each side, then fold the two pieces of the hat and use regular glue to stick the makeshift flaps onto the brim. The top of the hat I just left open.

5. Hot glue googly eyes onto the now-dry bottles. (Optional)

6. The kids put all the pieces together and color the snowmen's faces/arms/buttons. You may need to help hot glue the hat onto the bottles as well.

Hope this helps someone else!

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Re: Easy snowman craft for grades 1-4
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2015, 12:44:50 pm »
This is straight up brilliant. Great way to upcycle. . .Def adding this to my Frozen Christmas Winter Camp activities. Thanks much!
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Re: Easy snowman craft for grades 1-4
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2015, 12:19:00 pm »
Going to try and use this for K - 1st next week before Xmas. I may paint them myself though as K needs extra help and I barely have any time with each of these classes. Thank you though!