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Monster Fight Game for practicing future tense
« on: December 02, 2015, 08:45:10 am »
I made this game for practicing "I'm going to..." and inviting friends to do something. Specifically, its made for the book Everyone Speak Beginner 3. I have very small classes of 5 students at most and it worked really well with me, the kids were excited and they seemed to have remembered the form. I don't know if it can work for larger classes, maybe if you break them up into teams or have a relay.  It took about 35 or 40 min to play including teaching them the rules. The rules may seem a little hard at first, but playing is pretty fast and easy. Letting them know that and practicing each part before playing really helped I think.

I put additional information in the notes sections of the slides so you can see how it works. It's my first time making and sharing a game so I'm sorry if it's not as clean and easy to alter as other ppt games. One last things, I made it on the latest version of Powerpoint and I unfortunately haven't been able to test it on older versions.

Anyway, hope you can enjoy this game.