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Art shows?
« on: November 08, 2015, 09:55:38 am »
I'm super bummed about the end of the Kunstalle Platoon monthly flea market/art expo, but does anyone else know some other regular art/subculture/film events in Seoul?

This collective seems pretty promising, but I want more more more.

I'm assuming the language barrier would prevent many of us from finding the super underground stuff, but with a city this big, there has to be more going on, art wise.

Additional arty things I've looked into:

MMCA has three different locations:

I've been to the one near Seoul Grand Park before, and they have some excellent work by Nam June Paik, as well as a rotating contemporary art section.

It also looks like the site has updated listings of new galleries and shows.!category=art

I'm still hoping to find a way to see more spontaneous, not-confined-to-a-gallery-space kind of work though. I know it's out there.