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Slap Card Game
« on: October 29, 2015, 10:13:02 am »
  So there's this game called 'slap' and I revised it to use English vocabulary instead of just numbers. I used vocabulary from their book.

  I attached the cards I used - to use it, print it out double sided! to make one deck, print out 2 copies of the attached document. (so there's 4 copies of one word - 2 in english, 2 in korean)

  If you have a lot of kids, this takes a lot of time to prep since  you need to make the cards....or you can have the kids cut them out themselves - your choice! But the amount of cards I had in each deck was perfect for 4 players. *edit: I actually found that groups of 5-6 were fine too, and that groups of 3 were a bit small for the amount of cards I had.

  This is good for multi levels. Easily adjustable. Can use pictures with english instead of korean and english.

  The ppt explains the rules pretty well. The kids picked up by watching the ppt animations. 
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