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Halloween Game
« on: October 14, 2015, 01:04:21 pm »

I work at an English centre. My director yesterday put up 10 posters in the coridoor of different Halloween symbols and information about them. Students have been told over the next 2 weeks they should study them. She then asked me to make a presentation for the higher end kids based on the posters and a game to follow it. I used someones Halloween bomb game template posted in a different thread (thank you to whoever that was). I have attached the posters (they have english and korean translations), the presentation and the game. Be warned, I did some of the work at home on Microsoft 2013 and when I brought it to work on 2007 it was distorted. Didnt take long to sort out though. Hope it helps.



Re: Halloween Game
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Thanks for the posters! I hung them up in my room and my students loved them :)

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Re: Halloween Game
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All are very well made.  the English level would work good for my 3rd - 5th grade classes.