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Murder Mystery with Murder on the Orient Express
« on: December 16, 2020, 11:32:32 am »
So I swiped the basic layout from a Sherlock mystery PPT (thank you human for that wherever you may be, i have lost your username to the depths of the waygook dot org).

Anyway, last year I did a murder mystery game with my third year students, it went well and i wanted to do it again. Unfortunately I found myself doing an online class today because of the rona cancelling everything good we have in our lives. (luckily we alternate grades every week, so one week i have my 3rd years and the next they're online).

So this year I looked for a PPT that I can use to explain the concept of the game before we actually meet up again.  So that's what this is really.
I used the Orient Express because my students are watching it.
I did not go into detail about the characters, just showed their names, you'll see what I mean.
Anyhow I'm still tweaking it to reuse when I see them in person for the extra info, but for now this will suffice.
feel free to edit it or tweak it as needed.

I'll attach the guide for the actual game as well (that has nothing to do with the orient express, but i suppose if you're in the mood for being creative you can set the scene on the orient, the new film has been/is being released too so that can be used instead).

Without further ado (adieu?) here you go:
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