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Phonics Perception Pointing Game
« on: September 25, 2015, 01:19:49 pm »
Just thought I'd share a Phonics activity I came up with. Ppt shows minimal pairs, or 2-4 words differing by one sound: eg Pork/Fork, Pay/Pray/Play.

Students listen to the teacher say one of the words and point to the side of the room the word is on the ppt, up for the top word, and forward for the bottom word if there are four words.

Can then have selected students say a word and the others listen and point (can show a student when they are pronouncing a sound unclearly) or selected students have to point by themselves before the rest of the class points.

Have found it's helpful for mixing up the monotonous Sounds and Letters section of the Daekyo G3 and G4 chapters.

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Re: Phonics Perception Pointing Game
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I hate coming up with my own minimal pairs/phonics examples. T_T I feel like I just get stuck in the same vowel sounds group forever. This is great.