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Adult lesson on jobs
« on: September 15, 2015, 10:54:48 am »
This is a simple, short and sweet lesson that revolves around talking about jobs and even at-work dilemmas. Hope this can be used in your adult class. This could also make for an interesting one-on-one or small adult class.

To download the lesson bundle for free, click here.

This class is all about conversation and speaking. So right from the start I want my students speaking.

Activity 1: Listen to the passage and discuss.

I got the passage from a great ESL textbook called " Ventures Level 3 Teacher's Book , Vol 3 "
it's a simple passage talking about nurse Leona. Then, I ask a few comprehension check questions.
The passage is included in the bundle, but you can view it on page xlix of the textbook.

You could write your own passage about someone and how their personality matches their job, then ask your students comprehension checks. After, ask if they know someone whose personality suits their occupation well.

Activity 2: Question Dice

I love making dice for conversation. You can play with 2-10 players, it's great. If you have a class over 10, make two different dice. I made my dice on toolsforeducators.c om.
Go around the room and make sure everyone has at least one turn to roll and answer a question. If you have a very small class you can all answer the questions together but take turns rolling.

see more here:

Re: Adult lesson on jobs
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2016, 03:50:41 pm »
what do the students talk about then for the first card (ink) and what's the difference between the first and second matching cards?