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Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« on: September 17, 2015, 03:59:34 pm »
.... Ok so I was asking a recruiter about a job that started at the end of September.
He tells me that the school wants someone who can come to Korea by the end of the week (it's Thursday now). I told him that I wasn't sure I would be able to do that, but to tell me more details and if the conditions were good and they provided airfare, I would consider it.

His reply (no lie): "Iím sorry but nowadays there is no school provide flight to come to Korea

 Academy union has decided not to provide"

To be honest, I thought this was hogwash and my first thought was to share it with you guys so we could all have a good laugh. I even almost emailed him back with a 'hahaha', but decided it was quite unprofessional and maybe he would be insulted (my intelligence was a little insulted). 

But hell, it's always possible I'm wrong and perhaps, he was not joking at all...

I do know these days many schools are only providing one-way airfare, but I have seen plenty of job ads saying they provide roundtrip or at least one-way to Korea. So...

Has anyone else ever heard of this "Academy Union"  and their decision not to provide airfare?  :P

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Re: Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2015, 04:09:14 pm »
Decided to just make a new post instead of edit.
Follow-up email when  I questioned him:

"Yeah, Academy union has decided

Actually they decided it 2 years ago but didnít work

But suddenly they started to do that last April

If you apply for those jobs which provide round trip tickets ,then you would know that many of them provide one way which when you are going back"

So maybe this is a thing...  :shocked:
But round trip doesn't mean 'one-way when you are going back'; it means round trip....

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Re: Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2015, 06:03:17 pm »
Funny they call it a union and not an owners association.

They might have been busy the last two years, fighting off angry parents  The association president was also sentenced to prison for embezzlement, accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband, and bribing the police in an investigation.  I would definitely want some money back if I paid a franchise license to pagoda.

At least the association is not coming together to have a witch hunt for foreigners teaching illegally like in 2007

Now they are just coming together to keep wages and benefits down and teaching hours up to increase profits without a concern for quality.

It's their choice.  It will be interesting to see the effects. 

At least allow the foreign teachers some independence now by getting rid of the letter of release requirement.   

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Re: Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2015, 08:37:51 am »
Don't believe anything recruiters tell you.  Here's what happened: the recruiter needs to fill this position but the hogwan doesn't offer airfare.  Instead of telling you like it is, that this place is being cheap, he tells you that every hogwan doesn't offer airfare anymore. 

That's a definitely a trick I've learned many Koreans use.  Most instructions are laced with the idea that everyone must do it.  "You cannot go home after camp lesson because no foreign teacher goes home after camp lesson," "You must teach 10 extra classes a week because every teacher teaches 10 extra classes per week,", etc..  Even when faced with hard evidence that not everyone is doing these things many Koreans will insist that it is the 'rule'.  It's easier than having to think of logical reasons, or telling the truth. 

So, really, I wouldn't take that recruiter seriously.  They'll tell you most foreigners live in shared apartments and make 1.5 if it'll get them more suckers. 

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Re: Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2015, 02:07:52 pm »
Tell him if the school wants a teacher then they pay airfare.

Alternatively, tell him that you need a pay rise to offset the decrease in benefits.

Some of the things schools think you'll go for blows my mind sometimes. There must be some desperate people out there otherwise they wouldn't try.
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Re: Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2015, 08:45:16 pm »
This recruiter's a lying piece of $hit.  Delete the offer especially if he's pressuring you and rushing you to get over here.  It's a common sales tactic to make you choose now. 

Read every contract clearly and state you want round trip airfare.  If no, then find another recruiter.  Their "union" or whatever you want to call it has been trying to cut the flights but have had no success.  With the exchange rate falling and the economy recovering back home, I can see over the next year or two English teachers having more power than the recruiters.  Lots of other job ads on here and over on Dave's.  All hakwons, you insist they pay the flight.  Never ever pay with a promise to be reimbursed.  They could screw you later.  Public schools are ok though. 

Re: Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« Reply #6 on: September 18, 2015, 08:49:45 pm »
Just scanned through some ads.  Some are actually trying to pull this one way airfare.  Many of them are ASAP or with near hiring dates.  Just stick to your guns and insist on two way airfare and make sure it's written into the contract.  Never take a verbal assurance from a recruiter who will just lie to get you over here.  (...and they will lie like scum.)  Get every verbal assurance in writing. 

If a couple of offers bypass you, you'll get an offer from someone else. 

Re: Academy Union has decided not to provide airfare
« Reply #7 on: September 18, 2015, 09:26:38 pm »
Boy, the more I think about this, the more it really boils my blood!  An academy with 100 students is pulling in at least 18 million won a month if not more.  Even with salaries for a Korean teacher and some utilities, they can easily afford a foreign teacher even if they pretend we're "too expensive".  I had a friend run an academy a few years back.  I know how lucrative they can be if you have the students and you've plopped down the key money to get a place and pay no monthly rent. 

Anyways, no return airfare means you will be taking money out of your pay to go home at the end of the contract.  Put aside at least 100,000 won or more. 

So, let's say you get offered 2.1 million.  You'll lose nearly 10% for deductions.  You'll have 1.9 million.  Now, lets say you want 1000 US dollars in your bank account each month (student loans, credit cards, savings, whatever).  One year ago, that equaled one million won.  Today, you'll have to send home 1.2 million won. 

1,900,000 minus 100,000 (flight) minus 1,200,000 (money sent home) leaves you with

600,000 won to live on for a month. 

Subtract half of that for food, utilities, maintenance fees, phone, etc maybe even more. 

You will have a whopping 300,000 for pocket money to have a fun time each month. 

Either insist on two way airfare and make sure it's in the contract (no verbal assurances) or ask for 2.5 million won a month to make up for A) the fallen exchange rate and B) the cost of paying for a return flight home. 

I guarantee you if they are desperate enough they'll cave.  You might have to get rejected by a couple of offers, but you will get an offer eventually.  Use multiple recruiters and apply to multiple academies.  Even if one way airfare is listed apply to the ad and then when they send you an offer insist on either the higher salary (2.5) or the two way flight.  Make sure you've wasted a lot of the recruiters time with emails and conversations back and forth before throwing down the gauntlet just to p!$$ them off even more.  (Make sure the recruiter has put you in touch with the employer and you've spent some time on each other.  Then bring up your questions with the employer or the academy if they call you directly asking them to define "one way flight".  That's when you tell them what you'll actually accept.)  Then argue with them and insist.  If they say no, tell them to call you when they change your mind and that you're already mulling over other offers. 

I mean really if you accept 2.1 million won with only one way flight you must have no self respect.  Play hard ball.  Someone will eventually cave.  A couple of offers might pass you by, but you prob wouldn't want to work for someone like that anyways.