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Past vs Future game
« on: October 27, 2009, 11:04:40 am »
This powerpoint presents some ideas about how to form a sentence in the past and future tenses.  I use this with my first grade middle schoolers.  They really enjoyed creating sentences.  When you get to the slide with the picture and word, they can form any sentence as long as it says something about the current picture and uses the correct sequence of words for that tense.  Such as: the girl with the guitar has the word "NEXT" attached.  The kids have to write something in the future tense such as Next weekend the girl will play the guitar/Next Thursday she will take guitar lessons/I will play the guitar next year. 

I like this because it allows students to be creative and still work on the past/and future tenses.  I let the kids use small individual white boards and markers as it allows groups of 3 to work together and then I say boards up for quick assessment. If you don't have white boards, you could make a worksheet they fill in or something.  Or you could have groups present orally.  I left some empty slides at the end if you want to put some of your own ideas in the presentation.

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Re: Past vs Future game
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Cheers! I'm using it with my ultra-low level High School students. I get little reminders from them week-to-week that prove that they don't know this stuff yet.


Re: Past vs Future game
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I've been looking for this ppt everywhere. It was on epikforum before.

Whoa!! Saved my *** for tomorrows class :).

Thanks a lot :)

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Re: Past vs Future game
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I made some changes to the slides, I added some words and the past tense of words to help them with their sentences and asked them to write it down.  Also l numbered the slides and made a worksheet because my 1st year students levels are a bit low and it was hard for most of them to make sentences on there own so I am attaching the ppt and worksheet.
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Re: Past vs Future game
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Careful of the spelling mistake of "English" on slide 19 if you use this