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Past continuous (past progressive) lesson plan
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1.   Intro: Ask students what they were doing on the weekend/Yesterday etc.

Write up some correctly formed answers on the board
Say: I was shopping yesterday. What were you doing?

Toss a light ball to a student on asking this.

Student should pass to the other students while saying:
I was sleeping yesterday. What were you doing?

They should be fast but clear in their speaking - monitor closely.
*Use online stopwatch and write up the class name/time.

Ask them if they want 1 more go to improve their time.

2.   Conjugate any verb on the board.
I was ___ing, you were __ing, etc.
Use choral drilling to get them familiar with the structure.

3.   Show the first Powerpoint file (Pastcontppt1)
Listen and repeat.

4.   Freeze Game:
Prepare the sentences from the attached word doc PastContinuousSituations under the heading freeze game. Cut out each sentence, fold them separately and put them in a container. Students will later choose one piece of paper each.

Explain the rules.

Everybody stands up.

Three Teams (class of 30 sts)
Team leaders play rock, scissors paper to see who goes first second and third.
Team A Student chooses a sentence and passes it round to all other team members.
They each read it and pass it to the next guy.

Team B and C turn around They face the opposite direction to the playing team.

Play music as Team A mime the sentence.

When you stop the music, Team A freezes -- Team B and C turn around to look If sts think they know the sentence they must run to press a buzzer/bell in order to answer first. Give points for correctly structured answers.

Give each team two turns.

5.   Students sit back down.
Show them the second powerpoint which expands on these sentences.
EG: I was shopping when it started to rain.

Listen and repeat & Choral drilling

Mime Game.

Separate students into smaller teams of three or four members.
Give each team a sentence from the Mime game section of the attached word doc.

Teams come up to the front of the class and act out the sentence.
Again, when a student/students think they know the answer they must race each other to hit the bell or buzzer before they can answer.

Ensure every team gets at least one turn.

Continue until end.

I'd like to hear any variations of this that worked well.

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Re: Past continuous (past progressive) lesson plan
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(I'm not sure what the policy is on bumping dead threads.) I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. It has helped me expand a lesson that was looking a bit thin and I may reuse the idea of throwing a ball around as a time trial in the future! So thanks again!

Re: Past continuous (past progressive) lesson plan
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Just a suggestion but when you introduce the structure it'd be better to do so in a real context. In real life people wouldn't generally ask 'what were you doing at the weekend?  They would ask 'what did you do at the weekend?

The real life context often used with past continuous is the alibi one where you have a crime committed at a certain time and you ask the students what they were doing when it happened.