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Re: Can you transfer mid Epik placed Public School contract?
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Wow Seoulbound, I think if you actually took the time to read the post, you would find that it was merely something I would consider if it was a done thing...  and as you can tell I have explored all other options and am not whining at all, in fact I wouldn't break my contract  but thank you yet again for one of your soulless (Seoulless?) ridiculous replies that you tend to post everywhere... spreading your rays of glittery sunshine as you always do....

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Re: Can you transfer mid Epik placed Public School contract?
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I do not think you will be able to transfer. As far as making the best out of a bad situation

I think that all of these options were mentioned but perhaps you would like them in a list (I personally like lists).

1. Ask other teachers including your coteacher where you can buy food without a car
2. Explore the town during the week for those open markets
3. Shop Online (High Street Market is online as well as Homeplus and you can get stuff on Gmarket)
4. Save up for a car. Driving here is easy.

I am not sure if it was the OP answering these suggestions with problems or not but this is my attitude.
1.If your coteacher refuses to tell you where to go shopping (assuming you are asking him/her in a kind manner), she/he is frankly is an asshole and does NOT represent the majority of Koreans. If you get flat out refusal for mere INFORMATION politely remind him or her that you are his/her responsibility and that it is theree JOB to help you settle in including taking you shopping when you first arrive.
2. I didn't find my local supermarket until 3 months in and the outdoor produce market until maybe 6 months in. Koreans have the same needs as us but seriously some of these shops are truely hidden.
3. You CAN have the delivery guy deliver to your house and just leave it. I got a frozen turkey sent to mine. I live in a villa and they walk up to your door inside the building and leave it there. However, if that is not possible just have delivered to your school. This is the only time I have ever heard of a school refusing to do this (even EPIK told us our packages would be safer send to school anyways). IF THE SCHOOL COMPLAINS polietly tell them that option 1 and 2 have failed and that this is the only feasible way to buy food during the week.

You were placed in a crappy situation and while I understand the desire not to rock the boat, the refusal from your co-teacher and the requests from the school seem just stupid. You need to PROFESSIONALLY put your food down.

Also, when the time comes to get the car, you will probably have to take time off to go to the DMV. Remind the school and your co-teacher of this very situation if they refuse to let you take time off (although make sure the requested time off does not conflict with your class schedule).

Please, please PLEASE stand up for yourself.

Re: Can you transfer mid Epik placed Public School contract?
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Richardtang - I am already doing the bulk cooking thing - so will add your recipe to the list - sounds good and easy which is perfect!!
Thanks a bunch. OrionChocopie! - you may be onto something, I had not thought of just getting my own housing in town regardless of the fact that I already have my contract apartment, that is a fantastic idea. I have no problem paying the extra rental on my own...  thank you

LOL Artisis, My Co is not an option for assistance, and I have been there too many times to even bother trying again. I have had some really good ideas from people here though, so I will definitely look into those, a car may be an option too... Thanks you to everyone..

Re: Can you transfer mid Epik placed Public School contract?
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Buy a 100만 car and quit your whining.  You took the job, now you should finish it.  Cheers.

Cheers indeed. Who went wee-wee in your kimchi?

Re: Can you transfer mid Epik placed Public School contract?
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if your co-teacher isn't being helpful you should fire off an email to your coordinator and let them know. sounds like you aren't going to stay another year at that school so i wouldn't worry about rocking the boat.

truly bizarre that the school won't let you have stuff delivered. i've gotten stuff delivered at 3 different schools now no problem, and all the korean teachers get their online shopping stuff delivered to school too. but if the school is really kicking up a fuss about it then just stick a note on your door in korean that says "At work. Please leave the package by the door" and have them deliver it to your apartment.

being an hour away from a Homeplus/Emart may suck but it's not that bad. i had the same situation in my first year here. you shouldn't need to make multiple trips in one day. just go once a week, that's what i did.

as far as getting placed so far apart from your fiance, try to find somewhere where you can meet half way. you said you're near Seosan, which isn't that far from Seoul, so maybe meet in Seoul every weekend, split a motel, won't be that expensive if you split it.

Re: Can you transfer mid Epik placed Public School contract?
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I don't think you can do that.

The only wat that can be done is if the school board transfers you from one school to another in between semesters. I know because that happened to be last year. I was at one school last year and was transfered to my current school in the middle of my contract.