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Cranium for English
« on: April 07, 2015, 02:27:42 pm »

I have a set of 64 cards for each of the categories.  They are a mix of testing their English knowledge, general knowledge, and just fun things.  Most of the stuff is pretty easy I think, but there are some harder questions with a chance for them to learn some new things.  The cards are in the zip folder, as I had to change the way I did them because they were lagging my MS Word.

If you ever add any cards of your own, please upload them here. I'm thinking of making another game board that is simpler to save on the printer ink but will have the same spaces and order of game play.  This one can be printed on two A4, B4, or A3 depending on how big you want it.  You need to pick up a die (I've yet to find a 10-sided one, just doing a 6 sided with 2 purple sides that allow them to choose the next color, not go to the purple spaces, where they will automatically stop when the next color sends them past it), and some clay.  These can be gotten at a Daiso I believe, although I had a bunch of dice I ordered for games in class.

Enjoy!  Add your changes here; I think this is a great way to kill some time in after school classes while getting them to practice some English yet have fun.

EDIT:  The answers printed wrong in double-sided.  I have fixed it and replaced the zip.
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Re: Cranium for English
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This game looks great!

Could you add a rules doc on how to play the game? I think that would be very helpful.