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Can anyone help me learn how to file my American taxes for 2014 and previous years?  I tried using, which I used before I came, and upon finishing and clicking 'send' was told my taxes could not be e-filed.

Is there a service in Korea that deals with this sort of thing?  I need to file taxes for documentation purposes as part of the process to get a spouse visa for my Korean wife to move to America.  Thanks in advance. 

There is an H&R Block in Itaewon that can e-file your 2014 taxes. The cost is ridiculously high.  If you have not started the immigration process yet, you can just mail in 2014 and it bring a copy to the packet 3 immi interview along with a print out from the IRS website showing you filed. I filed 2014 in January and it was on the IRS site less than a month later.

If you have to file previous years, you will need to print them and mail them in to the IRS.