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3rd grade lessons are always the hardest for me!

This is a card game reviewing lesson 2 and 3 vocabulary and grammar.  First go over the words with the kids in the first part of the power point ("This is my mom," "This is an eraser," "This is my friend," etc.).  Then give each kid a set of cards (there are three sets on the word doc I attached; cut out ahead of time or let the kids do it).

They have to put the cards in the order you say.  For example, the practice round on the powerpoint shows three spaces, so they have to remember three cards.  Have the kids all put their hands on their heads, and say the three phrases: "This is my friend" "This is an eraser." "This is a cookie."  Then, say, "go" or "1,2,3" or whatever, and let them put the cards in order, and as soon as they're done/you think time's up, show them the answer.  Then ask who got everything right.

Rinse/repeat for 4, 5, and 6 cards.  I was astonished how much fun they had with this game first time I saw it played; hope it's helpful in your class!

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Here is a modified pass the ball game. 
In my class we use a die and a ball and have both passed around the class room at the same time.  When the music stops the student with the ball asks the question and the student with the die answers. 

Hello! I've added a quick ppt that allows the students to practice this/that plus the new vocab!

I really like chocolate.croissant's idea of putting the cards in order. Just thought I'd mention that there should be cards in the back of the kids' books that they just have to tear out along the perforated edges! Makes it even easier!

Thanks for all the ideas!

PPT introducing vocab with hidden picture game and matching game (lasts about 15/20 mins).

For my class, I let them watch "Dad, are you the tooth fairy?" from this website:
It's amazing because the website has animated books that have subtitles and are read aloud by someone!
Before I played the video, I introduced key words such as magic, fairy, mythical, etc...
Then after watching the video, they could ask "What's this?" if there were other things that they were curious about!
I wanted to use this because it's a lot more interesting than asking "What's this?" and the response being "IT'S A RULER!!!!!!" I have never seen a kid excited about rulers. Ever. XD
Hope your class loves it too~

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warm up/practice for lesson 3  :D

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This is a 'fill the blank' and draw a picture worksheet I made for 3rd period. My co teacher doesn't like the role play section so we did this instead. The kids seemed to really enjoy it!

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I played uno game with my kids. I made four sets of cards. Used the template from this site.  It took about 10 min. to play the game .

Chase the vocab.

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Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 3, Lesson 3 - "What's This?"
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A board game to practise saying :Is this a ____? Yes/No...

Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 3, Lesson 3 - "What's This?"
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Here is a coin flip game. Template taken from somewhere on this site.

Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 3, Lesson 3 - "What's This?"
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Here's an intro PPT modified from a similar lesson (different textbook).