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    • July 26, 2014, 08:16:47 pm
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I'm now a year and a half here in Korea, but when I hit 6 months I had the exact same questions as you. Yeah, Korea was nice enough and the job perks are great I accomplishing anything with my life?

The second poster is wise to say you need to inject productivity into your life yourself. At the 6 month mark I asked myself these questions, realized that I was accomplishing none of my life goals, and then slid into a horrible pit of despair for about 2 months. Like crying every night wishing to go home or just do SOMETHING, anything, that felt more meaningful than sitting in an empty school for 2 months deskwarming. After that I visited home for the first time in a year, seriously thinking that I might just pull a midnight run and never go back to Korea. But talking to my friends, know what I realized?

They were all starry eyed about living abroad and kept talking to me like I was living some grand adventure. In my head I thought, "No way! I'm doing the exact same boring-ass day to day shit as you, except in a different country." Then I realized that if I went home, or to any country, I'd just end up returning to my boring humdrum routines. The boring, unaccomplished thing was *me*. So I came back to Korea with a completely different outlook.

If you don't feel like this is a forever life for you, that's ok. It's a fantastic place to sit on your hands while you plan your future more concretely, with a nice paycheque and vacation at that. You don't seem to have strong negative opinions about Korea and that's great. Consider it a lucrative pit stop on your longer journey  ;D Just be active about going out there and doing things. Hanging out with friends, visiting different cities, going on vacation every long weekend, whatever!

This is really good advice. Exactly what i needed today, thanks. :)

oh and OP I feel you, I'm the same way at the moment.

 I'm putting a lot of it down to the winter blues though...people don't go out as much, exploring in the freezing cold isn't as fun and desk warming makes the days drag by.