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A knotty situation, some help would be greatly appreciated
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:50:41 am »
Hi all! Thanks for your help up front.

So my contract is up at the end of April, but I'm having some serious visa issues. Here's the skinny:

1) My ARC has a mistake on it. It is valid for only 365 days, not the 13 months it ought to be. I've called immigration about it, and they say that there's nothing they can do. (Anyone else have experience with this?). This means that unless I leave Korea on the final day of my contract, I might have to pay an over-stay fee.

2) As it is I plan to move to the other coast to be with my girlfriend until her contract runs out at the end of August. Then the two of us are leaving Korea together, but NOT to our home countries. I don't plan to work (at least, not formally) in that time.

Near as I can see, I have a couple of options:

a) I can just pretend nothing is wrong and leave on my expired visa.
b) I can apply for a D-10 visa so that I'm legally in country (though I'd have to apply for an E-2 extension since they cocked up my original...)
c) Apply for an e-2 extension (1 month) then leave, then come back in on a tourist visa of 90 days.
d) I can leave the country, come back in on a tourist visa (90 days), then leave again and come back again

So my questions are basically these:
If I go with a), how strict are they about enforcing fines for overstaying on the visa? I'vce heard some astronomical numbers bandied about, are they accurate?
If I go with b) or c) do I lose out on my exit allowance? Or can I claim it if I leave Korea from a D-10? And can I even apply for an E-2 extension since I won't still be working for the school in that time?
Finally, if I go with d) can I come back into the country on a second tourist visa and get a second 90 days, or is it 90 days in a year or something?

Yeah, I know it's finnicky, but I've read everything I can find and nothing seems to fill in the blanks. Any help will be outrageoulsy appreciated.

Re: A knotty situation, some help would be greatly appreciated
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2015, 01:56:36 pm »
if you want to stay a bit longer apply for an extension of stay for departure of registered foreigners or something like that. can't remember the exact name. you can do it online even, but you have to have an exit ticket to submit with your application. i don't think it costs anything to apply for that. not sure how long the maximum extension is, just google what i said above and you should find the site.

as far as the fine goes, from what i've read the minimum fine for overstaying a visa is 100k. and then i think you get fined per day after that. and they are pretty strict on it. you will more than likely get fined.

as for your tourist visa q, no idea about that really but i can't imagine you would have a problem leaving for a few days then coming back and getting another 90 day tourist visa on arrival.

you could change to a D-10 which is valid i think for 6 months but you strongly risk forfeiting your exit allowance if you do.

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Re: A knotty situation, some help would be greatly appreciated
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2015, 02:37:54 pm »
Getting an over-stayers fine can also make it difficult to get another E-2 visa in the future.

Options B, C, or D all sound good. Depends on your preference.
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