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Dual citizenship/Visa Issues Help Please
« on: February 26, 2015, 09:51:52 am »
Hi guys really hoping someone can help me out here.

I am ethnically a Korean male who was born and raised in the U.S., I found out recently I am a dual citizen because I was born after May 1988, and my father was still a citizen of Korea at the time of my birth. My parents also didn't renounce my citizenship when I was 18. So all these factors make me a dual citizen according to the Korean Consulate and at this time there is no way for me to renounce my Korean citizenship.

I know I am not listed on any family register (호적) for my mother or father. The consulate long story short, is telling me to register myself on the family register (호적) and after that waive myself from the mandatory military service and I should get a Korean passport and be good to go. This whole process though can take up to 6 months, maybe longer. Honestly, also I don't know how I feel about dual citizenship, there has to be tax implications right?

I was wondering if I could just apply for a E2 visa as an American citizen since I am not listed on any family register (호적)?

Does anyone have any experience with this situation and can maybe clarify things for me?

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Re: Dual citizenship/Visa Issues Help Please
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If you have dual citizenship you cannot enter Korea on another passport other than Korean passport, doing so would be unlawful as dual citizens are required to enter on the Korean passport and forfeit any rights foreigners have in Korea that Korean citizens don't, as well as abide by laws that Koreans must (taxes, compulsory military training seminars).

You will have to register yourself on the family registry.

You can inquire about renouncing your dual citizenship if you want, but there is just one more problem. You are a male, if you are a dual citizen that hasn't applied for exemption from military service (due to being a dual citizen), wellllll shiaaat. Anyway, if I were you I would first see about military exemption, that will determine whether you need to renounce citizenship or not... and even then, Korea is notorious for not letting males get away through renunciation of citizenship... or if you really want, do military service if dual citizenship means that much to you.
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