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Re: Single Parent NET's
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Ok folks let's stay on topic. This is about NET's who are single parents. I need to hear specifically from those who are in this position and what they have to go through, and whether or not their children are living here in Korea with them or living abroad.

Re: Single Parent NET's
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That's different. I highly doubt he actually believed he was unloveable

Since when has believing what you say had anything to do with trying to get off with women?

Anyway I was joking,  Morrissey got lots of action because he was a famous rock star not because he went about whining that no one loved him. I imagine in his pre-Smiths days when he was actually living like that instead of just singing about it, he probably got very little. 
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Re: Single Parent NET's
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There`s a few FB group dedicated to expat families. I remember reading of a some single expat parents on the group. Here`s the links if interested.


Expat Parents Korea

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Re: Single Parent NET's
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Me! I'm a divorced single mom. My daughter was born after five years of marriage. Both my ex and I are foreigners. He doesn't live in Korea anymore. Feel free to PM me or ask me any questions.

She was born in Korea. Goes to Korean school and everything. I actually started AFIK. Happy to help in anyway that I can.

Some issues I've had are with schooling. I get teachers whispering behind their hands when I leave the father's info blank. I don't really care. I've got full custody and divorce papers. I imagine it would be the same for those who had kids and were not married. I guess they assume I wasn't. IT does help you get bumped up on the daycare lists. I got more points since "both" parents work and for being a single mom. Doesn't make sense to me but got me bumped up.

I've lived outside the USA since I was 19 so I can't compare life here vs there really. My advice is find a good support network. I've got amazing friends. I know who to contact as far as governmental places if daycares try to screw you over, and I have a great nanny who watches my daughter should I decide to go out on a date.
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Re: Single Parent NET's
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There`s a few FB group dedicated to expat families. I remember reading of a some single expat parents on the group. Here`s the links if interested.


Expat Parents Korea

These groups are VERY female orientated. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the names can be sort of misleading. If you take a look at the admin of the expat parents one, there's ONE guy... that's not really a guy. He's simply a made up account because the female admins were getting called on their bias.

If you're a woman, it's a great group for ya. Not so much if you're a guy.

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Re: Single Parent NET's
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OP's English is a little hard to make out, but I knew someone who was a single parent net the first time I was here.

They where treated with nothing but respect and in fact from what she said she was treated better than most net's (She didn't even have to desk warm, the principal just let her stay home for her child).

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Re: Single Parent NET's
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I once knew a girl who brought her mom and baby over here to Korea.  She lived in school provided housing I'm assuming.  I always wonder about the schooling situation though.  Like her child was little at the time so she didn't need to worry about sending her to school but from what I heard if you want to send your foreigner child to an international school (which if I was in her situation I WOULD SO opt for, because Korean kids treat the bi racial kids here very different.  No telling how they would treat a non-Korean kid ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HAVE KOREAN SLIP UPS.  One of my students who has a Canadian father was almost ostracized by the other students because she was having trouble writing the word 색칠.  She was writing it as 색실 which is a mistake that I myself would make but I'm not Korean, she half is....good thing I stopped that little boy from teasing her.  So Korean is hard and if your baby is not learning it from you the mother, it is going to show when your child enters school.)  But back to my point, I would defiantly want to enroll my child in international school, so my child can at least not be the ONLY American in school.  I for those of us who grew up in small towns, we know the stories of the kid who was the only black, asian, etc. kid while you at least had other friends you could relate too.  It is a lonely feeling to be honest and I would take that into consideration if I had a child here.  HOWEVER, international school from what I hear is REALLY EXPENSIVE. And on a single mother hakwon/public school salary I don't think that's going to work!   Not to mention this chick I spoke of had her mother with her and I didn't really she that woman going out to work in Korea or speaking or understanding Korean for that matter, not even to enter the work force.  Thankfully for her daughter, I'm pretty sure she went back to the states. 
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Re: Single Parent NET's
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In fact 70% of black kids in North America are born to single parents.
70% of black kids in the USA are born to single parents.
In Canada it's about 30%.
Keep in mind that Canada and the US have very different racial/poverty/social issues.
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Re: Single Parent NET's
« Reply #28 on: April 11, 2015, 12:48:14 am »
Unless you have a job at an international school and they're going to provide free tuition for your kid, bringing a child over here as a single parent is pretty stupid.

It's one thing if your kid was born here and they learned Korean from birth, but trying to afford the fees for an international school or throwing your toddler into Korean daycare with no support would be a serious crapshoot. Not something I could see doing as a parent who actually cared about my child. If you absolutely had no other choice but to come over here and work to make money, I'd be looking at having the kid spend a year with grammy and grampy before I did that.