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    • September 19, 2006, 01:07:56 pm
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A little thing for reviewing relative pronouns (who, that).  Like most of my other lessons, this is based off my school's particular book, which is why I included the words and activities I did.  This is just to show what I'm doing in class in case others are curious or want to modify. 

1. Quickly reintroduce relative pronouns---the students probably already know them---by writing a few easy samples on the board. 

2. Pass out the paper and have the students supply the proper relative pronoun for 1-7.  The sentences are all refering to people or things, so maybe they can guess who or what.  If they can, have them write their own for 8, 9, and 10.  (Turned out it was too difficult for students in my 2nd grade classes.) 

3. Next is "Find someone who . . ." a good activity I'll do maybe once or twice a semester.  It's in their book for this chapter, which is why I brought it up again.  For the first six the students should make the questions they'll need to ask, and for the final five they should make the prompt.  The students will then go around the room and ask each other the questions.  If the student they ask has the answer they need, they give the paper to that student to write his/her name on the paper.  They should have 11 different names because . . .

4. Bingo.  The students will draw a 3 x 3 bingo square on their paper and write 9 of those students' names in the squares.  They'll call out a sentence (I'll do the first one for them) like "someone who likes baseball," they'll check their paper, find that name, and cross it off.  Bingo is two lines. 

This class will take 45 minutes.

Adjust accordingly.
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