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A Bad Hagwon?
« on: December 07, 2014, 12:03:36 am »
This hagwon is dreadful and treats me horribly. I made the mistake of thinking it was fine to start off part-time and then switch to full-time later. However, I have been told it's illegal to hold two different contracts even if it's for the same school. Immigration has my full-time contract so they believe I am doing full-time but in reality I am given part-time work first. The Director wants me to just sign the part-time contract once I receive it (I'm not going to do it). The Director is deceitful I don't trust that this person will not screw me over. It's a red flag to me when the Director doesn't want immigration or anyone to know about my part-time contract so only my full-time contract was processed. What should I do??? I don't appreciate how poorly I am treated. I want to terminate the contract asap and move onto other schools here. Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.