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Elementary/Middle/High (no kindy)
« on: December 07, 2014, 11:03:00 pm »
I'm an Aussie in his late thirties who's previously taught in Korea at a public school and in academies (I'm now in China). When applying for a job I've usually just stated that I only want to teach elementary/middle/high/adults however I'm seeing more 9.30am-7pm jobs now advertised (and no afternoon jobs like my old position which was at a YBM in Asan from 2-9pm). I'm wondering if anyone has got more replies out of recruiters/school owners by making themselves available to teach kindergarten as well?

The idea in the past has freaked me out but now that I think about I have taught grade 1 aged kids in China and Korea (I feel that maybe I could teach kindergarten particularly if there's a co-teacher). I've been teaching IELTS at a college in China and while the students aren't bad sometimes I'd rather sing songs/play games and watch students learn (as opposed to 'grind' through IELTS, IELTS has far more use to me as a skill if I teach ESL back home so that's why I took my current job).  Outside of class I'd rather live in Korea than China but I know the latter country has far more opportunities/jobs with teaching (but Korea is far more 'livable'). From everything I've read I kind of resigned myself to never be able to work in Korea again however I'd just like one more chance (starting around January/February, even in a hagwon or with adults as I know PS jobs are just about gone, otherwise PS would be my first choice). Anyway, if anybody has any advice or experiences from teaching at a hagwon (during the daytime) I'd be very interested to read about it (or any good stories with recruiters/availabilities).