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1st contract ever. Please advise me if it's good.
« on: November 06, 2014, 06:34:16 am »

● Date of Birth :

● Passport No :

● The Present Address :


1 Your salary is paid monthly.

2 We offer a full month’s severance pay upon the successful completion of your contract.

3 National Holidays, approximately 15 days per year are paid, plus 10 paid scheduled vacation days(summer &


4 Your airfare is paid by the school and you will get returned ticket back home at the end of your contract, or payment

in lieu of, should you decide to stay another year.

5 Single accommodations are provided..

6 50% of the National medical plan is covered.

7 Your tax rate is 3.3% of your gross monthly salary.


Public holidays: days that are set aside by the government as a holiday

Classroom hours: are the actual teaching hours

All teachers are expected to be at their place of employment 30 minutes prior to their first class to prepare.


This Employment Contract is entered into between
(hereinafter the “Employee”).

1. The term of Employment shall commence on December 8, 2015 and end at midnight on December 7, 2015.

2. The Employee shall be paid the total amount of 2.1 million won per month minus the deductions outlined in 3 below.

3. The Employer will deduct: Korean Income Tax 3.3%, Health care, National pension.

4. The Employee will teach at.

5. Duties: The Employee will be prompt and prepared to carry out all duties required by the Employer, to provide English

language lessons to students in a professional and caring manner, including progress reports as required, and attend all

scheduled staff meetings, field trips and other functions as required. (eg, English Camp, Open Class, Graduation party,

Science day, Christmas event, Physical exercise etc...) And unless the teacher teaches in the classroom, it will not be

considered as overtime hours.

6. The Employee agrees to dress appropriately for the classroom – clean, neat, and non-revealing.

7. The Employer will deposit the Employee’s salary into their bank account on Won.

8. The Employer guarantees to pay the amount stipulated in section 2 whether or not the Employer is able to provide the

full number of contracted teaching hours.

9. A full month’s severance payment will be given to employees who have successfully completed their 12 month contract.

<Dismissal or Voluntary Resignation>

a. The employer reserves the right to dismiss the teacher from employment for the following cases :

1. Neglect or inability to perform his/her duties stipulated in this agreement

2. Frequent absences from work

3. Receiving two warning letters

4. Criminal behavior or misconduct

b. The employer agrees to give the employee two month notice in the event of dismissal.

However, in the case of a teacher’s criminal behavior or misconduct, he/she will be

dismissed from employment immediately with no warning or notice.

c. In the event the teacher resigns from employment, he/she can do so giving two month notice

ahead to the employer.

d. In either case of dismissal or resignation before completing six (6) months period of the

contract term, the teacher must reimburse the employer the cost of the plane ticket to Korea.

e. In either case of dismissal or resignation before completing the contract term, the teacher will

not receive any severance payment in accordance with Korean Labor Laws.

10. The Employer might require the Employee to work extra classes during the government school vacation period and/

or holidays, and the Employer agrees to pay overtime at 18.000 - won per hour if it goes over 120 hours in a month of

teaching time.

11. Regular teaching hours will not exceed 120 hours per month, Monday to Friday.

12. Working Hour is from 9:00am~6:00pm (requires to come 8:50am to be ready)

13. The Employer will provide one rent free single unit furnished housing.

14. The Employer may provide temporary housing (Space) not exceeding 30 days until appropriate housing becomes


15. The Employee will pay for all utilities, including Internet and telephone.

16. The Employer will provide the Employee’s accommodation with furniture (bed, wardrobe, TV, kitchen, refrigerator,

bedding, washing machine, kitchen table and chair...).

17. The Employee undertakes to take all due and reasonable care of said furniture and equipment, and that the Employee

shall be liable for the cost of repairs or replacement to any equipment or furniture damaged as a result of the Employee’s


18. The Employee’s economy airfare/ticket will be provided by the Employer from the nearest International airport. The

Employer will provide an economy one way return airfare/ticket upon the successful completion of this contract.

- For the return ticket, the employer will book a ticket dated on the last day of the contract ends (written on the Alien

card). But if the Employee wants to travel around the other countries then go back, the Employer will transfer the money

which should be paid in the first place. The employee can add the money to their trip to go back. The Employer will not

pay for the return tickets dated differently.

- For the return ticket, the employer will not get or be paid if the employer remains in Korea to continue employment with

another employer.

19. The Employee will be given 2 weeks paid vacations. (According to the school’s vacation)

It is a condition of this agreement that the Employer must provide the Employee with 60 days written notice of intention

to terminate the contract, setting forth the reasons, and allowing the Employee to remedy the situation within that time..

20. The Employee will give the Employer 60days written notice of intention to terminate their contract.

21. No later than 2 months before the date of termination, the Employer and Employee shall agree upon an extension or

renewal of this contract.

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Re: 1st contract ever. Please advise me if it's good.
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2014, 10:30:05 pm »
- tax rate isn't 3.3%.
- no details about actual teaching hours... you have to be there from 9am ~ 6pm, monday to friday. they could have you teaching that entire time.
- is it 10 days paid vacation or 2 weeks?
- it says you should arrive by 8:50am, but also be there 30 minutes before your first class. if you teach at 9am, which is it?
use google to search the site XXXX

replace 'XXXX' with your search term

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Re: 1st contract ever. Please advise me if it's good.
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For the return ticket, the employer will book a ticket dated on the last day of the contract ends (written on the Alien card)

This seems a little suspect to me along with the others taeyang pointed out. What if you want to stay for a week or two longer?

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Re: 1st contract ever. Please advise me if it's good.
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2014, 11:08:01 pm »
You have to get details on daily teaching hours.  Have it in the contract, including what constitutes an 'hour' (is it 60 minutes or a 40 minute class?). 

I've never been a fan of the monthly teaching hour practice in lieu of the weekly one because it means they can get you to do make up classes for vacation/holidays.  For example, if there is a holiday on Monday they could make you work those extra hours the next week, but it'd still be 120 hours for the month.  Worse, if you get a week off they could then spread those hours out in other weeks of the month.  I had a hogwan try to do this to me once, but I stuck to my contract of 30h/w, so if they wanted me to do more they had to pay me OT.  I'm not saying they will do this, I'm just saying with this wording they can.

I would definitely talk to a current teacher to find out about those 'extra' duties outside the classroom.  Every hogwan has them to some degree, you just have to sniff out the extent of these activities.  Again, I worked at one hogwan that had events every other weekend and another that had maybe two or three all year. 

And as taeyang said, I'd get clarification on those vacation days.  Is it a week at a time, or a day here and there.  Again, I worked at one place that would give us a Wednesday or Thursday every few weeks.  Not great. 

So, in sum, not completely terrible for a first time hogwan contract, though not great.  You just need more specifics.  If the company or recruiter refuses to provide them (or a current/former teacher contact) I'd take it as a red flag.  Don't be pressured into anything.  These are all normal questions for any job, never mind one you're moving halfway around the world for.   

Good luck.