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In the 3rd and  5th grade classes, a kid cries pretty much everyday. Not just in English but in their regular classes too.

5th grade everyday? Are you serious? Aren't they a bit old for crying in class?

When a kid cries in class first I ask if they want to leave the room. If they decline I keep teaching. If it's a distraction I take them to the empty classroom next to mine.

My students cry fairly often (at least once a week), it's happened ever since my first month working here.  While I'm very empathetic (probably overly empathetic) I've realized that the best thing to do is ignore the crying and try to get the class back to order.  Usually the kids who are crying are 3rd grade or younger and are unable to understand English.

For younger grades I try to play a song they like or a short video and usually the kid is able to deal with their emotions without everyone focusing on them and they usually forget why they were crying within a few minutes.

In the 3rd and  5th grade classes, a kid cries pretty much everyday. Not just in English but in their regular classes too.

5th grade everyday? Are you serious? Aren't they a bit old for crying in class?

I have a 5th grade girl who cries nearly everyday.  Emotional maturity of an infant I swear... Usually it starts because she gets upset at someone in her group for not playing the game/doing the activity/answering questions to her standard, she keeps complaining and picking fights with other students until my co t gets annoyed and cancels the game/activity entirely.  now the whole class is mad and she feels victimized and starts crying (if she wasn't already crying at this point).  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Every week.  Every class.  Always.
From what I understand, her homeroom teacher and the other subject teachers have similar problems as well.   

My students rarely cry during my class and when they do it's usually for student induced reasons. Today one of my sixth graders was crying due to his friends teasing him during their break time. I happened to be teaching that particular class alone today. I don't tolerate students doing that so I just spoke to them all and tried to find out what happened from the rest of the class. Once I discovered what it was all about I just spoke to them firmly, got them to apologize and then, once everyone was calm, continued teaching.
My students are generally very well behaved so it's not too much of a hassle for me to deal with it when the situation arises. I think it's because I have done a lot of teaching alone here and they view me as an educator and not some ESL monkey. I also correct them if they address me improperly etc. If my co-teacher happens to be in the class with me however I just let them deal with it.

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I teach elementary as well, and 99% of students who cry are in the 3rd grade. There are a few notorious ones who honestly cry every week because they didn't win a game, or another student bragged about a test score and that got them going. Usually, my co teacher just tells them to stop crying over a game, and then we ignore them. Obviously, if a little 'un is in physical pain or got their feelings hurt, I'll address it and let my co teacher know. Otherwise, the ones who do cry are even scolded these days by fellow classmates. When one of the few repeat offenders is in a losing group, some of the boys have begun to automatically say, "울지마!" I know it's not cool to laugh at others, and remind them not to egg the criers on, but it does make me giggle quietly.

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When there's physical pain, I have one of their friends take them to the nurse teacher. When there's obvious emotional manipulation during an activity ("we lost points, so now I'm angry), I move on to another activity.

Since I mostly teach alone, I'm usually not aware of other reasons for crying - except when one of the stronger students attempts to explain what happened.

Today, for instance, I only learned after the fact that one of my favourite 3rd graders was crying because his friend scratched out my signature on his paper. He was heartbroken because he loves me.  :cheesy: