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E2 Health Self-Assessment
« on: October 30, 2014, 04:49:51 pm »
I'm just wondering what level of detail you're supposed to go into on this form.

I have mild asthma and usually only take my inhaler when i exercise or if I have a chest infection or the flu etc. Should I put this on my form? I don't want to hurt my application with something minor,  but at the same time a doctor could probably hear that I'm asthmatic by listening to my chest during the medical tests ...

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Re: E2 Health Self-Assessment
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2014, 06:14:05 pm »
Ahh the informal IQ test.    Here let me give you a hint - NO, NO, and NO.

Really!  NO is the answer.  I have heard of people being denied because of answering YES.   In general any answer but NO will cause trouble.    When officials and people like recruiters see a YES, BUT ........  They will likely ignore the but info and focus on the YES.   YES means you are defective and/or unable to work.  If they do look at the other info, it will often get over blown.   For example, someones depression which is a minor part of their life  which them can manage is now seen as that person is mentally ill aka CRAZY and has likely escaped from mental institution.  Even a little crazy is too much.

Recruiters that see a yes will either bottom pile your application or if lucky to LIE.    Officials and programs heads will usually reject.

As to your asthma.  It sounds minor.   So keep it off the self check.    Are you going to be capable of handling any breathing trouble that comes up?  Will you be able to figure out where to get refills for medicine.   Is there a large chance of you having to go to the hospital? Likely not.
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Please consider adding some info to your "Personal Text"  Like type of school, visa status, county of origin.  These little bits of info can help people help you.