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Basic food opinions
« on: April 12, 2011, 08:32:46 am »
I recently had a lesson on food - asking "Do you like________?"  The textbook include "No, I don't like..." and "Yes, I do like..." 

I added "I hate..." and "I love..." to the important expressions. I made a scale on the board from I hate to I love and told the students one food for each category. I did this with a lot of expression which the students loved. For example (I hate squid, I don't like carrots, I like pizza, I love chocolate). Then I had them tell a partner these for sentences with their own answers. After they finished with a partner I called on a few students and asked them "Sue, what food do you hate?" etc...

The final activity was to survey their class on what their favorite sweet treat was. This survey is attached. I divided the class in 2 sections and only let them survey people in their own section.
Then I added up the totals to see which treat was their favorite. Its not super scientific at all, but it was fun and lots of practice using the key phrases.