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Taxes - Help Please
« on: September 22, 2014, 02:48:51 pm »
To those in the Waygook community that are Americans and know how to do the taxes, I could really use your help. I am behind on taxes for 2009, 2011, and 2012. I owe nothing, as I have talked with the IRS, but I still need to file my tax papers, however, I am getting more and more confused.

I am wondering if anyone can make a sample of what I am suppose do fill out. I have the 1040 form, although I used the 1040A for this past year. I also have the 2555 form. I have the forms for each year, stright from the IRS website.

I have no posessions and my wages are rather low.
I would like help with the 2009 ones, so let's pretend that this is my information
Arrive in Korea April 5, 2009
Made $15,000 in 2009 (GEPIK, but not the program for graduates)

That is all the money I had at the time, and I didn't make more. Let us assume that all other expenses are irrelivent, as I can put that in, what lines should I be filling out? When I tried to do the 2555 form, I felt a little lost, and the 1040 makes it even worse.

When I do the Bone Fide section, I can do April 5, 2009 to April 4, 2010 and state that I never left Korea, correct? And when I fill out the 1040, should the amount I owe come out to $0, correct? I have nothing else to claim.

And so on form 2555 where it states "All others, enter the number of days in your qualifying period that fall within your 2009 tax year" is that Jan 1st to Dec. 31st or the year I used in the Bone Fide section?

Thanks all... I have been trying to do this for a week and a half.

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Re: Taxes - Help Please
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2014, 03:09:28 pm »
My first year here when I did my taxes I only claimed what I had earned in USA and excluded my international wages. It was easier. And also so little it shouldn't have mattered.

The next year I tried to file online and it didn't work out... In the end I just kept all of my information/files together and sorted it out later. I went to an accountant my family works with at home (no international tax) and he had 3 years of taxes sorted out in about an hour. I don't recall what I paid, but it was worth it, saved the headache and further issues. This is my plan for future taxes- and the last 2 I've been here again...

With no possessions and low wages your taxes should be pretty easy. I just don't recall the international forms and info. Also, without a form to look at I don't recall how it all fits.

As long as you are under the $96,000 or what the tax free income is you should be at $0 and just need the paper work.

The Bona Fide section is asking how long you have been overseas, because they will pro-rate the untaxable income. But it shouldn't be a problem for you as I doubt your wages are close enough to that high.
Do you have a W2 from 2009? Any wages in USA in 2009 before coming here? That may alter the Bona Fide section. Just say 275 days or something.

I hope that helps in some way~