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New Grade 5 Index
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Chunjae Book 1

1. Iím From England.
2. What's Your Favorite Class?
Story Time 1
3. She is Wearing a Yellow Dress.
4. Hello? Is Evans There?
Story Time 2
Review 1
5. Is There a Stove in the Kitchen?
6. Where is the Police Station?
7. How Much Is It?
Story Time 3
Review 2
8. What Time Do You Get Up?
9. Whose Robot Is This?
Story Time 4
10. I Will Go to the Zoo
11. I Want to Do Taekwondo
Story Time 5
Review 3
12. May I Take Pictures Here?
13. It's Salty, Isn't It?
14. Why Do You Like Winter?
Story Time 6
Review 4

Chunjae Book 2

1. I'm From Canada.
Where are you from? I'm from Canada. How's it going? I'm okay, thank you. I'm very well, thanks. I am from Australia. I like noodles. Vocab: cool, flag, from, America, Australia, Canada, China, England, Korea.
2. What are these (those)? They're piggy banks. These are robots. Those are party hats. Vocab: child, coin, cookie, fan, flower, give, library, move, socks, then.
3. Where's the Museum?
Where's the museum? It's next to/behind/between/in front of the library. Thank you very much. No problem. Come to Star Car Museum. It's next to/behind/between/in front of the park.
4. May I Take a Picture?
May I take a picture here? Yes, you may. Of course. No, you may not. May I play here? You may play here. Vocab: bathroom, butterfly, course, cut, may, may, mirror, more, picture, piece, tree, use
Review 1 (Lessons 1-4)
5. Whose Cap Is This?
Whose cap is this (that)? It's Wei's. No, that's my airplane. Whose hat is this? It's Betty's hat. Vocab: airplane, boat, fall, fly, get, glue, heavy, ready, stick, tape
6. Help Yourself!
Please go ahead. Help yourself. Thank you. Do you want some more? Yes, please. No, thanks. This is beef pie. It has beef and potatoes. Vocab: beef, everything, fruit, full, ketchup, love, punch, sweet, try, vegetable
7. I'll Visit My Grandparents
What will you do this summer? I'll visit my grandparents. Have a good time. You, too. I will join an English book club. Vocab: camp, club, family, fun, grandparent, join, learn, sea, sport, summer, summer, vacation, visit
Review 2 (Lessons 5-7)
8. How Was Your Vacation?
How was your vacation? It was good. I went camping with my family. No, I didn't. I bought a pretty bag. Vocab: buy, festival, market, river, wear, weekend, write
9. Can I Speak to Jinu, Please?
Hello? Can I speak to Jinu, please? Speaking. How about at ten? Let's play badminton in the park. See you at two. Vocab: call, homework, house, lesson, movie, speak, stop, tomorrow
10. I Want to Pick Apples
I want to clean the wall. Do you want to plant flowers? Yes, I do. No, I don't. Do you want to clean your school? I want to pick apples. Vocab: easy, farm, feed, grow, pick, plant, thing, wall
11. My Favorite Subject is Science
What's your favorite subject? My favorite subject is science. I like reading science books. I like playing the guitar. My favorite song is "Do-Re-Mi". Vocab: art, draw, every, favorite, math, P.E., science, social, song, space, star, study, subject
Review 3 (Lessons 8-11)
12. What a Nice House!
There's a smart mirror. What a nice house! There is a sink. There are many vegetables in the sink. Vocab: bedroom, future, kitchen, live, right, sink, smart, stove, toilet, window
13. How Much Are the Pants?
How much are they? They're twenty-five thousand won. What a surprise! It is (they are) thirty thousand won. You can ride a bike in the rain. Vocab: expensive, keyboard, just, listen, pants, surprise, thousand
14. I Get Up at Six Thirty
What time do you go to bed? I usually go to bed at 11. Not at all. I get up at 6. She makes lunch at 10:30. Vocab: all, breakfast, catch, early, people, usual, work
Review 4 (Lessons 12-14)

Cheonjae Book 3
초등학교 영어 5  (Elementary School English 5)
Author(s): 윤여범 (Yoon Yeo Beom), Edward Povey, et al.

1. I'm from Korea
Topic: Greetings. Where are you from? Iím from Korea. See you later. Have a nice day. Sounds: /fr/ friend, Fred, from, France. Vocab: America, Canada, China, France, from, India, into, Korea, love, map, see
2. I like Math
Topic: Expressing Likes, School Activities. What do you like? I like science. I like watching the moon. I have art, English and science today. I like science.
Sounds: /r/ reading, running, riding. Vocab: excellent, job, moon, picture, ready, science, very, well
3. Whose Rocket Is This?
Topic: Expressing ownership. Whose book is this? Itís mine. Thanks a lot. My pleasure. Sounds: /z/ whose, cheese, these. Vocab: a lot, beautiful, flower, pleasure, shoe, umbrella, write
4. Go Straight and Turn Right
Topic: Giving Directions. Excuse me. Where is the theater? Go straight two blocks and turn right. Itís on your left. Slow down, please. Sounds: /t/ straight, right, left. Vocab: bank, block, bookstore, clock, excuse me, hospital, left, restaurant, shop, slow, straight, theater, turn
Review 1-4
5. I Get Up at 7
Topic: Telling Time. What time do you get up?/go to bed? I get up at 7. I go to bed at 10. Thatís very early. Sounds: /e/ get, seven, bed, ten. Vocab: early, every, first, get up, home, or, report, show, with
6. May I Help You?
Topic: Shopping. May I help you? Yes, please. Iím looking for a kite. Itís too expensive.Itís too big. Sounds: /i/ this, it, big. Vocab: but, buy, cheap, expensive, fly, heavy, kite, light, may, over
7. She Has Short Hair
Topic: Describing Appearances. What does she look like? She has long hair.Heís wearing a blue shirt. I see. Sounds: / ∫/ she, shoes, shirt. Vocab: black, curly, famous, find, glasses, hair, long, miss, pants, people, puppy, wear
Review 5-7
8. How Was Your Vacation?
Topic: Giving Information (in simple past) How was your vacation? It was great. Not bad.(Suggest teaching "What did you do? If not in the text) I studied Chinese. I went to a science museum. Sounds: /gr/ grandpa, grandma, great. Vocab: delicious, festival, future, house, interesting, really, summer, vacation, visit, way, winter, wonderful
9. Is Jihun There?
Topic: Phone Conversation. Hello. Is Minho there? This is Minho speaking. I want to buy a book. I want to play soccer. Sounds: /b/ blue, bag, buy. Vocab: address, airplane, animal, ask, e-mail, fall, join, send, speak, spring, tomorrow
10. Iíll Clean the Park
Topic: Using the Simple Future Tense. What will you do tomorrow? Iíll watch a movie. I will clean the park. Can you join me? No problem. Sorry, I canít. Sounds: /ai/ I, China, Friday. Vocab: after, dog, feed, letter, pick, post office, problem, trash, wash, will
Review 8-10
11. When Is the School Festival?
Topic: Months of the Year. When is the school festival? Itís December 5th. Pardon me? My birthday is November 5th. Sounds: /f/ festival, February, fourteenth. Vocab: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, contest, next, pardon me, sport, test, when
12. There Are Bees on the Flower
Topic: Making Declarative Statements (Focus-There is/are). There is a butterfly in the tree. There is an ant under the rock. Are you sure? Iím sure. Sounds: /i/ three, bees, green, tree. Vocab: ant, bee, butterfly, key, ladybug, move, rock, so, work
13. Would You Like to Come?
Topic: Extending an Invitation. Would you like to come to my house? Would you like to come to my birthday party? Of course. Iíd love to, but I canít. Thatís all right. Thatís too bad. Maybe next time. Sounds: /k/ come, concert, Cathy. Vocab: all, concert, hike, maybe, of course, would
Review 11-13
Special Lesson
14. Letters to Great People

Topic: Letter Writing
This special lesson does not have any new functions or vocabulary but is comprehensive (includes sentence frames and words from L.1-13). The lesson focuses on reading and writing only and is divided into two periods.

YBM Book 1

1. Where Are You From?
Where are you from? Iím from England. How do you spell it? B-E-N. Howís it going? Good. Thanks. Vocab: bear, blond, Brazil, brown, but, china, country, different, England, eye, flower, France, from, Germany, hair, India, Japan, Korea, live, people, Russia, say, so, spell, the U.S.
2. Whose Ball Is This?
Whose umbrella is this? Itís Suahís umbrella. Do you like/love taking pictures? Yes, I like/love taking pictures. Sounds fun. Vocab: Camera, house, lose, love, make, pencil case, picture, robot, room, sound, take, umbrella, work
3. I Water The Tree At 7 Oíclock
What time do you get up? I get up at 7 oíclock. How do you come to school? I walk to school. Really? Vocab: bike, breakfast, brush, every, feed, get, homework, horse, oíclock, really, ride, student, take, tooth, twenty, up, walk, wash, water
4. My Favorite Class Is Art
Whatís your favorite color? My favorite color is red. Do you have art today? Yes, I do/ No, I donít. Me, too. Vocab: art, cat, color, favorite, food, music, number, P.E., red, science, thing, wear, yellow
Review 1
5. May I Drink Some Water?
May I drink some water? Yes, you may/ sorry, you canít. Do you want some more? Yes, please. / No, thanks. Help yourself.
Vocab: again, camp, delicious, drink, excuse, lemonade, may, order, restroom, sleep, sour, spicy, sweet
6. Whatís In The Zoo?
Whatís in the room? There is a baby bear. Whatís the same? /Whatís different? / Their color is the same./ Their color is different. My pleasure. Vocab: angry, animal, bathroom, bedroom, both, care, kangaroo, movie, museum, of, panda, pleasure, ready, right, same, tall, tiger, zoo
7. Iím Going To Exercise
What are you going to do tomorrow? Iím going to go swimming. I want to go to Andong this vacation. Thatís a great plan. Vocab: afternoon, buy, English, exercise, grandma, hard, heart, plan, study, vacation, visit, watch
Review 2
8. I Went To Gyeongju
What did you do yesterday? I went to the museum. How was your weekend? It was great. I know Bulguksa. Vocab: bake, baseball, boat, bread, buy, cow, flashlight, grape, hurt, know, library, light, lion, move, ride, sad, star, team, weekend
9. Where Is The Museum?
Where is the art center? Go straight and turn left/right. Where do you live? I live in Jinju. Pardon? Vocab: after, apartment, bakery, block, flower, left, library, museum, right, shop, straight, turn
10. Whoís Calling, Please?
Hello./ May I speak to Bona./ This is Bona./ Speaking./ Whoís calling, please? What do you do on weekends? I usually cook with my mom. Hold on, please. Vocab: call, family, earth, email, hold, hour, phone, send, speak, usual
Review 3
11. How Much Are These?
How much are these? They are 1,000 won. What size (color) do you want? Iíll take them? Vocab: change, cheap, expensive, fruit, glasses, king, pants, pink, shoes, size, sneakers, socks
12. Whatís Wrong?
Whatís wrong? Be careful. / Watch (look) out! Iím sorry. Vocab: arm, bird, break, exciting, eye, fall, foot, hand, leg, nose, wrong
13. What Season Do You Like?
What season do you like? I like fall because itís cool. What is she doing? She is playing with Suah. How nice! Vocab: because, cold, cool, hot, luck, mean, season, spring, summer, warm, winter
Review 4

Daekyo Book 1
Author(s): 이재근
Blue cover with sailing ship

1. How's It Going?
How's it going? I'm great, thanks/ I'm good/ Not bad/ Not so good. I have a cold.
2. What's Your Favorite Subject?
What's your favorite subject? My favorite subject is art. I (don't) like to draw pictures. Story Time 1 - Harry Potter
3. Do You Want Some More?
It's sweet. Help yourself. Do you want some more? Yes, please/ No, thanks.
Review 1
4. Whose Watch Is This?
Where is the camera? It's under the table. Whose pencil is this? It's Jake's/ It's mine.
Story Time 2 - Les Miserables
5. She's Listening to Music
What is he/she doing? He/ She's drawing a picture. He/ She looks happy.
6. What Time Do You Go to Bed?
What time do you get up? up at 6. Same here.
Story Time 3 - Anne of Green Gables
Review 2
7. What Did You Do During Summer Vacation?
What did you do during summer vacation? I visited my grandfather. How was your vacation? It was fun.
8. Can I Take a Picture?
Story Time 4 - The Giving Tree
9. Where Is Murae Library?
Where is Mirae Library? Go straight two blocks and turn left. It's on your right.
Review 3
10. She Has Long Curly Hair
What does she look like? She is tall/ She has long curly hair. What is he wearing? He is wearing a white T-shirt and brown pants.Story Time 5 - Sherlock Holmes
11. May I Speak to Yubin?
Hello. This is Lucy. May I speak to Yubin? Let's go swimming. Sounds good/ Sure/ Sorry, I can't.
12. I Want to Be a Movie Star
What do you want to be? I want to be a movie star. I want to meet my favorite star.
Story Time 6 - Aladdin
Review 4
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Re: New Grade 5 Index
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2012 Books:

Book 1
Author or Publisher: 천재교육 (Cheonjae), Frances Sohn

1. Iím From Brazil.
   Excuse me. Iím a student reporter. Whatís your name? Where are you from? Iím from Japan [America, China, Korea, India, Canada, England]. How do you spell your name? Thatís a pretty name. Heís coming. Letís sit. Nice to meet you. Whereís she from?
2. Whose Umbrella Is This?
   Is it yours? Itís mine. Itís my new umbrella. Wow, itís very cute. Whose paintbrush [glove, glue, textbook, notebook, shirt, watch] is it? What a nice watch [wonderful day]! Hey, thatís mine. Letís play outside.
3. Whereís the ice cream store?
   Go straight and turn left. Itís on Doldam Street. Itís over there. Whereís the park [bank, school, toy store, bus stop]. Can I help you? Itís on the fifth floor. You can use the elevator.
4. Do You Want Some More?
   Wow, it looks delicious. Do you like apple pie [cheesecake]? Go ahead. Help yourself. Can I have this cake? Here. Have some milk, too. This is good. I like noodles and vegetables. No, thanks. Iíll try other food. Iím full.
5. My Favorite Subject Is Art
   Itís time for art class. Letís draw our school today! I donít like art. I canít draw very well. (school subjects). He is really funny. Donít you like science?
6. May I Go to the Bathroom?
   I donít have scissors. May I use yours? Sure. May I come in [drink some water, eat this cake, play outside]. Sorry, you canít. Finish your work first. No way. Did you finish your homework? Yes, I did. Look. Here it is. May I eat this sandwich? *Can I~
7. I Come to School at Eight
   What time do you come to school [get up, have dinner, etc]? Do you play soccer every day? Wow, you get so early. I usually go to bed at 10. Todayís class is over. Take care. Oh, itís time for dinner.
8. Hello? Is Minu There?
   Speaking. Whoís this? This is Lily. Sorry. You have the wrong number. Whatís up? Iím playing a board game with Sally. Can you join us?** Sorry, I canít Iím busy with my homework. Weíre eating pizza!  Wait, Iím coming!
9. This is My House
   Welcome to my house [the house of the future]. Letís go inside. This is the living room [garden, kitchen, stove, sink, table]. This is my dog. There are five puppies in Aliceís house. Arenít they cute? (household items and rooms) Look. The robot is cooking.
10. She Has Long Straight Hair
   This is my friend, John. He has a little brother, Mark. Heís very cute. What does he look like? He has big blue eyes. Oh, heís lovely. (describing people) Heís tall and handsome. Isnít he cool?
11. What Did You Do Last Weekend?
   I went shopping with my mom. Did you buy anything? I bought this bag. I played soccer with Jeff and then we made a kite. Did you have fun? We had a great time. (weekdays) We ate pizza [saw a movie, did my homework, read a book, went to the zoo]
12. I Want to Help Mom
   What do you want to do for mom? I want to clean the house [wash the dishes, cook dinner, ride a bike, take a rest, play video games]. How about you? Letís start. Is that all right with you?
13. Iím Looking For Jeans
   May I help you? Iím looking for socks [sunglasses, sneakers, boots, sandals]. What color [size] do you want? (colors) Size 4. Theyíre too expensive. They look great. Theyíre cheap. Iíll take them. How much are they? (hundred and thousand numbers)
Grade 5, Multiple Lesson Review (천재교육 (Cheonjae), Frances Sohn)

Book 2
Publisher: 천재교육 (Cheonjae)

1. Iím from Korea.
   Where are you from? Nice to meet you. France, Indonesia[n], Australia[n], Canada, China, UK, USA, Japan, Howís it going? Not too bad, thanks. Hajin can do Taegwondo very well.  Oh, itís a cute dog!
2. What Are You Doing?
   Iím washing the dishes. Where is dad? Heís outside. What is Dennis doing? Heís making sandwiches [watching a basketball game, painting pictures, playing the piano, reading a book, cooking spaghetti]. Please let me try.
3. My Favorite Subject is English
   I can talk to my dad in Korean. Good for you. Brianís favorite subject is math. (school subjects).  I donít like dancing, but I like listening to music. Hip-hop is my favorite. My favorite season is summer.  Do you like~.
4. She Has Long Hair
   What does she look like? Short, tall, curly, brown, I canít find my brother. Heís small and has red hair. Sheís pretty. She has big eyes. What is she wearing? Sheís wearing a pink shirt and yellow pants. She looks like me.
5. Whose cap is this?
   What are you doing? Iím trying to get that cap. Itís not yours [mine]. Oh, itís Lucyís. Theyíre mine. Is this your umbrella? Are these yours?
6. Letís go fishing
   Do you have plans for the weekend? Help! Letís go hiking [shopping, skating, camping]. Sounds good. How about this Saturday? I have to finish this fan. How about joining me? Now, I have to fix it here.
7. Go Straight and Turn Left
   Excuse me. Where is the subway station [museum, bookstore, hospital, bank, supermarket, music room]? Thatís right. You canít miss it. Go straight this way. Go straight one block and turn right. Turn right at the corner. Itís on your left. Sheís over there.
8. What Do You Do After School?
   Iím a writer. I work at home. I get up at seven. I read the newspaper [books, clean my room, study English, watch TV, write stories]. You have a wonderful dad. I usually go to the library. I sometimes ride a bike. I often go swimming.
9. When is Your Birthday?
   Itís February 21st. (ordinal numbers and months of the year). What do you want for your birthday? Really? Thatís Christmas day [Parentís day, Childrenís day, Chuseok, next Saturday]. May I try this? May I use your towel? May I have your paper? **Can I?
10. How Was Your Chuseok?***(How was Chuseok?)
   It was great. I visited my grandparents [played with my cousins]. I studied at home [went to the zoo]. How was your day [weekend]? Not bad. I watched a movie [went to a concert]. I made sandwiches in class. Oh, I have an idea. I took a walk with my puppy.
11. There Is a Monkey in the Tree
   Dudu! Where are you? Itís not a monkey. Itís a toy. Whatís that sound? There are ducks in the house [cookies in the box, ruler under the desk, toy on the bed]. How many hats are there? Is there a rabbit in the big hat? No, there isnít.
12. This is Taeho Speaking.
   May I speak to Taeho? Weíre waiting for you. Weíre at the bus stop. Speaking. Can you move this table for me? Sorry, I canít. I have to wash my hands.
13. Would You Like Some Cake?
   I have many beautiful pictures of Australia. Help yourself. Would you like some salad [orange juice, water, fruit, apples]? Would you like some cold water? Oh, itís cool! Itís salty [sweet].
Grade 5 - Cheonjae Multi-Lesson Review

Book 3
Publisher or author: YBM (Maria Oh is an author 오마리아)

1. I Love My New Class
 Have a nice day. See you later. Howís it going? Not too bad. How about you? Good morning. We have a new student in our class. Glad to meet you.** Here are some flowers. They are for you. This is my friend.
2. How Many Clubs Do You Have at Your School
   Iím home. Where are you? I joined the paper art club. Sounds good. We have 15 clubs at our school. A soccer club, badminton, reading, art, dance. These are for my club. They are my hamsters. Oh, please donít do that. Theyíre very cute.
3. I Have a Runny Nose
   Whatís the problem? I have a headache [fever]. Did you sleep well last night? Take this medicine and go to bed early. I donít like medicine. Itís good for you. Drink a lot of water. You look sick.
4. Whose Dress Is This?
   Hurry up. What are you doing? Iím looking for my skirt. Itís on the chair. Where are my shoes [glasses]? Theyíre next to your pants. Thatís not mine. Itís Yumiís. Is this yours? Are you ready?
5. What Time Do You Get Up?
   Nice to meet you. We have some questions for you. I get up every day at 5:00. You get up early. I go swimming first and have breakfast at 6. What do you do on the weekends? I read books and listen to music.
6. Turn Left at the Bookstore
   Look at all of the places! A restaurant, a bookstore, a bank.. Wow! Very nice! Letís go to the bank first. Sorry? Itís over there. Itís next to the cookie shop. May I help you? Two sandwiches please. Here you are.
7. May I Speak to Seho?
   Hold on, please. This is Jimin. Tomorrow? Sorry, I canít. I have to help my mom. How about this Saturday? Sure, I can. Letís meet at 2:00 at the park. Do you want some juice? I want some cookies too. You must stand in line [be quiet here]. Speaking.
8. I Want to Take a Cooking Class
   What do you want to do? I want to learn Chinese [take the computer class]. We have some cheese, tomatoes, and potatoes here. Now put them on the bread. It has too much cheese! Yes, but it looks delicious.
9. I visited Dokdo
   How was your vacation? It was wonderful! What did you do during vacation? Was it fun? I saw many beautiful birds and flowers. The weather was good and the water was so blue! Wow, you had an exciting vacation. I want to visit India.
10. Does She Have Curly Hair?
   Yes, she does. She wears glasses, too. He is wearing a white cap [black pants]. (colors and clothing) This is my sister. She is tall and beautiful.
11. What a Beautiful Palace
   Here we are! Do you know much about Gyeongbokgung? No, I donít. Letís go and ask for some help. It has three bridges [two towers]. Gyeongju is a famous city in Korea.
12. Thank You, Fire Fighter!
   Today, we have a visitor. Who is it? Guess who. He wears a hat. What does he do? (occupations) You have a fire at home. What do you do first? You must get out of the building. Itís your turn. What does your uncle do? He cooks delicious food every day.
13. My Favorite Animal is the Polar Bear
   Whatís your favorite animal? There is a tiger under the tree. They live in the North Pole. They are so cute. They look so sad. Right, we must help them. (animals)
14. Hello! Iím from Australia
   Where are you from? I live in Seoul. Itís a beautiful name. There is no snow in my country. We donít have winter. What are these? They are rice cakes. Iím from the U.S.A. How do you spell it?
15. Iíd Like to Go to Space
   I want to meet some astronauts. What do you eat in the spaceship? Do you go to the bathroom? The Earth is so beautiful from here. The moon and stars are beautiful, too.
Grade 5, YBM Maria Oh - Multi-Lesson Materials and Review Activities

Book 4
Author or publisher: YBM

1. I Have a New English Teacher
   Where are you from? Iím from Canada [England]. How was school today? Is She American? No, sheís Japanese [Korean]. Oh, this is a nice picture. Who is this? Sheís my friend. (countries and nationalities)
2. My Favorite Class is Science
   What class is next? EwwÖ I donít like science [math, Korean]. I like basketball too, but I canít play very well. Donít worry. I can help you. That was a great time. How about going to the library? We can do our science homework together. (school subjects and actions)
3. Whose MP3 Player Is This?
   Look! Itís an MP3 Player! Itís not mine. It is yours [Sujiís]? Letís make a poster. The poster doesnít have our names and phone number.  Letís write them here. We did it. Whose bike [camera, bag, cat, cap] is this? What a cute cat!
4. Say Hello to the Class
   Today we have two new students here. Hiccup and Sneeze. Welcome to our magic school! Iím interested in wand class. I can make flowers with a wand.
5. I Want to Make Cookies
   Where are you going?  Iím going to the library. Iím bored. Sorry, but I want to read books [draw a picture, make spaghetti] . Iím writing an email [making starfish cookies, zoo, bookstore, library, museum, school, park, playground].
6. This Is Amy Speaking
   May I speak to Amy? This is Suji. Whatís up? Kate is sick. Thatís too bad. How about going to see her?  I can go to school on Monday. Hereís an apple pie [umbrella, picture card]. I made it for you.
7. What Time Do You Get Up?
   Itís time for bed. Now? Itís only 10 oíclock. Really? I get up at 7:30. What time does your school start? Wow! Thatís early! What time do you have breakfast [go to bed]. Have a good sleep.*
8. We Canít Change the Time
   What time is lunch? At 12:00. Iím hungry. We canít change the time, but teachers can.  Can I come to your house with Sneeze? Sure. Donít do that again. What time does the next class start? Weíre late. Letís hurry. Put your hands on the clock. Jump up and down.
9.  How Was Your Summer Vacation?
   I went to Jejudo with my family. What did you do there? We rode horses. Itís a walking path. You can see beautiful beaches and fields from there. Wow, I want to go there, too. What color belt do you have? White, I want to get my blue belt soon. Camping, swam, campfire, played the piano.  I have a piano contest this Friday.
10. She Is Wearing a Red Cap
   She went to the restroom. Iím looking for my little sister. She is wearing a white shirt and green pants. (clothing)  She has long black hair.
11. May I Have a Fork?
   Help yourself. Yes, you may. This soup is really good. May I have some more [visit you again]? No, thank you. Iím full. Thanks for a great evening. My pleasure. Take a picture for me, please. May I have a cola with my cookies? No. Cola is not good for you. Drink some milk. **Can I~
12. Can You Join Us?
   What did you do yesterday? Weíre going to Starfish mountain. Wow, I canít believe it. Can you speak? May we ride on your back? We are playing flying ball.
13. Where is the bookstore?
   Where is the science room [music room]? Go straight and turn left. Itís next to the cafeteria [flower shop, restroom, museum, Daehan Bank]. Excuse me. Oh, weíre going there now. Come with us.
14. Safety First!
   You should wear your gloves [helmet]. Youíre right. Donít go that way! Itís dangerous. Be careful. You should take a shower [warm up first, wash your hands]. Donít jump on the bed.
15. What is today's date?
   When is the school festival [your birthday]? Itís Nov. 7th (months and ordinal numbers) Oh, thatís next week. We donít have much time. Donít worry. We can do it. The tree isnít on the stage.
16. Itís My Last Test
   You should pass the Great Paths test. Good luck! Do you know about Mr. Monster? Hereís a question. Congratulations! They all passed their last test.
Grade 5, Multi-Lesson Materials for YBM
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Re: New Grade 5 Index
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2012 books continued...

Book 5
Author or publisher: 대교 (Daegyo)

1. Howís it going?
   My name is~. Nice to meet you. Not so good. I have a fever [cold]. Iím tired. Look! Wow, we are in the same class. We are in class 3. You are in class 4. Hmm. Iím sad. Goodbye. 
2. What Day Is It?
   (days of the week), (school subjects), I like~, I donít like~. But we have a math test today. Donít worry. You can use my crayons. I donít have glue. Here you are.
Story Time 1 Ė The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
3. Do You Want Some More?
   Come back here at 3. What are they eating? Tacos, Bibimbap. I want some water. Itís too hot [sweet, salty]. Can you cook very well? I like cooking class very much. Iím hungry [full].
4. Where is the ball?
   Itís behind the box. Glove, bat, table, in, on, under, behind. I have no idea. Weíre late.
Story Time 2 Ė Hansel and Gretel
5. Whose Button Is It?
   Itís time for a play. Itís mine [yours, Minaís]. I canít find my umbrella.
6. Can You Help Me?
   Look at this place. Itís very dirty. Letís clean it up. No problem. This bag is too heavy. Iím washing the dishes. Clean the living room. How nice of you!
Story Time 3 - Tarzan
7. How Beautiful She Is!
   Yes, sheís very beautiful today. Look at him! He is tall and he has long hair. (describing people and animals)
8. What Time Do You Get Up?
   I get up at ~(daily routine)
Story Time 4 Ė The Little Mermaid
9. Did You See the Moon?
   (past tense Ė How was your vacation)
10. Where Is The Music Room?
   (directions) Itís on the 2nd floor. Go straight and turn left.
Story Time 5 Ė Jack and the Beanstalk
11. May I Speak to Yuna
   (telephone speaking)
12. I Want to Be a Teacher
Story Time 6 Ė The Ant and the Grasshopper
13. She Looks Happy
   (feelings) He looks tired.
14. May I Help You?
   (shopping, money)
Story Time 7 Ė The Happy Prince
15. Heís Making Pizza
16. Do You Know About Hanbok?
   (teaching Korean words?)
Story Time 8 Ė The Emporerís New Clothes
Grade 5, Daegyo Multi-lesson Review

Book 6
Authors and publisher: Cameron M. Wood, 금성출판사

1. Nice to Meet You
   See you later., Have a nice day., Have fun!, good-looking, kind, love, over, same, year
2. Where is My Umbrella?
 Honey, whereís the newspaper? Itís in the box, on the piano, under the chair, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, veranda, money, seesaw
3. Can You Help Me, Please?
   Sure, I can. Of Course. Can you open the box?  Sorry, I canít. Iím sick. Can you wash this cup for me?  No problem. My computer isnít working. Itís too heavy.  I have a test tomorrow.
4. Go Straight and Turn Right
   Where isÖ?, Itís over there. Pardon me?, Whereís the subway station [supermarket, elementary school, museum, Samís Pizza]. I see. Thatís right. Turn left at the bus stop.
5. When Is Your Birthday?
   Itís ~., Congratulations! You made it. You look happy today. What are you doing here? She has a science [math] test next week. I passed my test. Itís too late. Take it away.
6. Can You Join Us?
   Good for you!  How was your school festival? It was so much fun. We won the singing contest.
7. May I Speak to Kevin?
   This is Ö speaking. Whatís your phone #. Can you call him for me, please. Justin and I are going swimming now. Sorry, I canít. Iím busy.
8. Can I Watch TV?
   May/Can I use your eraser/colored pencils? Go ahead. All right. Sorry, but~. No way! Do your homework first. A really important soccer game is on right now.
9. How Nice of You!
   Sure. You bet. Letís move this plant over there. Can you take this to Jinhoís mom? Donít forget. Donít worry. Hereís some money. Let me visit mom.
10. Do you know about Songpyeon? 
   I [donít] know much about it. The family gets together on Chuseok. You know a lot about it. Will you come to my house? Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, turkey
11. Whose Shoe is This?
   Itís mine [yours, Kevinís]. I lost it last night. Try it on. Are you sure? I found this, too. I lost my sunglasses.
12. All Right with You?
   Same here. Iím really excited. Theyíre painting something on their faces. It looks interesting. Letís eat something. Fine with me! 
13. I Usually Get Up at Seven.
   What time do you (usually) Ö go to school, bed, have breakfast. He always wakes me up. He goes jogging. Thatís too early! I know. What do you do then?
14. Sorry, I Have to Go Now.
   Why not? I have to feed my dog. Itís pretty, but itís too expensive. What about this one? But let me return this book first. Hurry up! Look behind you.
15. Can You Tell Me About It?
   Howís it going? Not too bad.  How was the English class last year? Can you tell me about it? The winter vacation starts soon. Have a wonderful winter vacation. Merry Christmas.
Grade 5, Cameron M. Wood Review Lessons

Book 7
Author or Publisher: ㈜ 미래엔 (Mirae-en)

1. Where Are You From?
   My name is ~. Iím new here. (countries) Nice to meet you. Heís my twin brother. What grade are you in? Iím in the ~ grade. Thereís the bell. My classroom is on the third floor. Letís hurry.
2. What Day Is It Today?
   (days of the week), (school subjects)
3. What Are You Good At?
   Iím good at cooking [sports, dancing].  Iím in the music [photography] club. Book club, in-line skating, bowling, Cheer up! You did your best. Keep your chin up. Come on. Give it a try. Donít be discouraged. Forget about it. English is difficult for me.
Review 1
4. Where Is the Bus Stop?
   (directions) Go one block and turn left. Itís in front of the bookstore [behind, between, next to]. How can I get to ~ Itís on your right. [school, bakery, etc..]
5. Whoís Calling, Please?
   Can I speak to~. This is~. Hold on, please. Do you want to see a play? I want to watch a movie. Can I take a message. Matt isnít in. (a little about texting and short hand writing)
6.  When Does the Summer Camp Start?
   When is it? (months, days and holidays) This is my shirt. No, it isnít yours. Itís mine. When is your birthday? (going camping, and going to the beach)
Review 4 to 6
7. What Time Do You Get Up?
(daily routine and time)
8. Whatís Your Favorite Sport?
   Do you take lessons? (sports and activities) never, always, usually, sometimes Every day I wait for Friday. I never play outside after dinner.
9. Try Some!
   It smells great. This is bulgogi, Itís sweet [delicious]. Do you want some more? (food and Thanksgiving words) What a beautiful moon! [sweet banana] How interesting it is!  Itís very tall. Help yourself.
Review 7 to 9
10. Why Donít You Try It?
   Whatís for lunch today? I canít eat spicy food. Thatís a good idea! Why donít you play the piano [go swimming, do my homework for me] Mattís cooking classófollow the recipe. (cooking words)
11. What Do You Think?
   Oh, I like it. How about this one. Can I try it on, please? How much is it? (shopping, money, clothing)  Iím looking for a hairband. May I Help You? Itís too expensive
12. You Know What?
   What? I have a special cake for you all. Thanks. Itís so kind of you. I canít believe it. I believe you. What a surprise! I can walk really fast and I can write with my left hand. (planets and outer space)
Grade 5, Mirae-en Review Lessons

2011 National Book
Lesson 1 - How Are You?
Lesson 2 - Do You Have English Class Today?  (Old Title: What Day is it Today)
Lesson 3 - It's Under The Table
Lesson 4 - What A Nice Day!
Lesson 5 - Where Is Gyeongbukgung?  (Old Title: Where is Namdaemun?)
Lesson 6 - I Get Up At Seven Every Day
Lesson 7 - How's Your Sister?  (Old Title: She is Tall)
Lesson 8 - How About Playing Baseball?  (Old Title: Let's Go Swimming)
Lesson 9 - Whose boat is this?
Lesson 10 - Do You Want Some More?
Lesson 11 - What Are You Doing?
Lesson 12 - This Is A Bedroom
Lesson 13 - Can You Tell Me About Your Family?
(Old Lesson 13: What did you do yesterday?)
Lesson 14 - Is Peter There?
Lesson 15 - Can You Join Us?
Lesson 16 - What did you do yesterday? (Old Title: Did You Have a Nice Vacation?)
Story Time
Multi-Lesson Review - Grade 5 - Review and Multi-lesson materials
PPT Stories for Every Lesson - A Book for Each Lesson
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