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Christian H. Kim Grade 3 Lesson 2
« on: April 11, 2011, 12:43:34 pm »
▪ Objectives (vocabulary goals, grammar goals, communicative goals):
- Students will practice using terms “What do you call this in English?”, “How do you know that?”, “What did you say?”, “Could you say that again?” and “Pardon me?”
- Students will be able to identify appropriate situations in order to use the target language.
▪ Key Expressions: Students will focus on using the following language:
1.  “What did you say?”, “Pardon me”, “Could you say that again?”
2. “How do you know that?”
3. “What do you call this in English?”
▪ Materials: textbook, Power Point presentation, handouts, and flashcards

Presentation - 10 minutes
•   Warm-up: PPT 1 Greet class and use response of the week “I can’t complain.” PPT 2 Ask the day, date and weather.
•   Slide 4, KET and NET demonstrate dialogue on page 28 of the activity book. Students practice dialogue with flashcards ( I have flashcards with different types of transportation but you can use pictures of whatever). First student in each column is part A and person behind them is part B. Then second student becomes part A and the third student is part B. So on until the last student in the column.
Practice - 15 minutes
•   PPT Slide 5 Students practice pronunciation of words for game. Students form groups of 4 students and move their desks together. Each group gets four cards. KET and NET demonstrate how to play the game. Students practice using key expressions (“What did you say?”, “Pardon me”, “Could you say that again?”) in the game dialogue.
Make a point to tell them the vocabulary is not important and that the important thing is to practice the key expressions.
Wrap-up 5 minutes Students see how they did following class rules and show them the “You are so annoying” video. Ask them questions about the video.