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Christian H. Kim Grade 2 Lesson 11
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Objectives (vocabulary goals, grammar goals, communicative goals):
- Students will practice using terms “That’s quite different from…” and “Do you mind if…?”
- Students will be able to identify appropriate situations in order to use the target language.
▪ Key Expressions: Students will focus on using the following language:
1.  “That’s quite different from…”
2. “Do you mind if…?”   
▪ Materials: textbook, PowerPoint presentation, color game cards

Presentation - 5 minutes
•   Warm-up: Discuss picture of man bowing and woman extending her hand on slide 1. Elicit from the Ss what each person is doing. Answer: Saying hello or nice to meet you.
•   Introduce phrases to be practiced on slide 2 “That’s quite different from…” and “Do you mind if…?”
•   Show video on slide 3 and elicit which two things go together. Answer: milk and cookies
•   Show examples using the word ‘quite’ on slide 4.
Practice - 10 minutes
•   KET and NET demonstrate dialogue on slide 5. “Which two go together in this picture?”
•   Ss work in partners to complete worksheet. First students choose which two pictures go together and then they practice the dialogue with their partner.
Presentation - 5 minutes
•   KET and NET demonstrate dialogue on page 158 of textbook and slide 6. Students practice dialogue as a class, one half reads part A and the other half reads part B.
•   KET and NET explain rules to colored card game and demonstrate play.
Practice - 15 minutes
•   Students play colored card game in a group of 5 with their desks pushed together. Each student receives 8 colored cards. One student has all red cards; one student has all blue cards, etc. The students mix all of their cards together in one pile on their desks. The objective is to get all of your colored cards back. In order to do this, the student must ask other students if they can move cards blocking access to their own card. For example, KET has red cards and there is a blue card on top of her red card. KET asks the student with the blue cards,”Hey, NaYeon. Do you mind if I move your blue card?” NaYeon must say “Sure. Go ahead” or a variation of this. Students can use strategy to block other players from getting to their own cards.
Presentation - 5 minutes
•   Show example of “I’m not kidding” on slide 8.
•   Students watch video and find UK English word for US English word written on the board. Example: US English - mom / UK English - mum
Practice - 5 minutes
•   KET and NET demonstrate dialogue on slide 9. Students practice as a class with examples on slide 9, half read part A and half read part B. Students practice with partner using examples in the textbook on page 159.
•   If there is extra time students can create their own dialogue by changing the underlined text on slide 10 and drawing a picture.
Wrap-up 2 minutes Students see how they did following class rules.
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