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Questions About Filing U.S Taxes?
« on: August 08, 2014, 10:25:07 pm »
I'm so confused. I'm bad at numbers and forms and they're swamping me now. :cry:

My fiance is Korean and we are marrying this year. We plan on possibly heading back to the U.S sometime next year and so I'm looking at forms we need for the Visa process. We need to file an I-864 form which states my ability to support my husband. I have to provide the last 3 years income and provide a copy of the latest years tax return if I'm understanding the form correctly.

Problem. I have not filed taxes since I've come to Korea (2 years ago)! My parents always handled the tax returns. I never had anything to do with them. I ignorantly thought since there's a tax exception for U.S citizens that I just didn't need to file, recently found out that was completely wrong and I should have filed an 8802 form. How do I go about back filing? Will I have to pay U.S taxes now or can I still fill out the 8802 form? This Visa stuff is going to cost an arm and a leg by the time I'm done it seems.

Yeah, I know I am pretty ignorant when it comes to "real world" stuff. :rolleyes:
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Re: Questions About Filing U.S Taxes?
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Just google "Form 8802 Instructions", and call the IRS.  I called them because I had a few questions on my 8802 and they were really helpful.  They told me what to write in every field.  Yeah technically you were supposed to fill that out two years ago, so just call them and ask them what to do =)

Re: Questions About Filing U.S Taxes?
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So you can download turbotax, print it off, and then mail it to the appropriate location.

And for last year's returns, you'd probably be able to do it entirely through their web interface but you may still have to file via paper.

Nice thing is, when you owe nothing, you won't get into any trouble for filing late.