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Christian H. Kim Grade 3 Lesson 1
« on: April 11, 2011, 12:34:15 pm »
Objectives (vocabulary goals, grammar goals, communicative goals):
- Students will practice using terms “I’ve always wanted…” and “I can’t wait to…?”
- Students will be able to identify appropriate situations in order to use the target language.
▪ Key Expressions: Students will focus on using the following language:
1.  “I’ve always wanted…”
2. “I can’t wait to…?”
▪ Materials: textbook, Power Point presentation

Presentation - 7 minutes
•   Warm-up: PPT 1 Greet class and use response of the week “I’m great.” PPT 2 Ask the day, date and weather.
•   Slide 3, Tell the class that I’ve always wanted a puppy. Tell Ss to tell their neighbor what they’ve always wanted. Ask for volunteers to tell the class.
•   PPT 4 KET and NET demonstrate dialogue on page 12 of the textbook. Students practice using other examples in book.
Practice - 10 minutes
•   Students play Pass the Paper in groups of four and use job flashcards to prompt the dialogue.
Presentation - 5 minutes
•   PPT slide 16, students listen and repeat with the audio CD the dialogue on textbook page 14. KET and NET demonstrate dialogue on page 10 and 14 of Activity book and practice with students.
Practice – 15 minutes
•   PPT slide 17-30 play stand up/sit down game, all the students of the first column in the class stand up. The first student to raise their hand can complete the sentence on the slide and sit down. This goes on until there is one student left in the column. Then, that student’s row must all stand up and the game will continue until there is only one student left in that row. Then that student’s column stands up… etc.
Wrap-up 5 minutes Students see how they did following class rules and show them the “Just What I’ve Always Wanted” music video. Ask them how many times they hear the phrase “I’ve Always Wanted”

Just What I've Always Wanted video -