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Christian H. Kim Grade 2 Lesson 1
« on: April 11, 2011, 11:52:38 am »
Ok, I've been a complete moocher until now so this is my first contribution to Waygook.  I will probably also make the mistake of not uploading my ppt and only writing this post.  ;D

 Nevertheless, I use the Christian H. Kim books at my middle school. I teach grades 2 (green books with clown) and 3 (pink with the weird man playing a drum) and use the C.H.Kim books for both grade levels. This is a post of my lesson for Grade 2 Lesson 1. The key phrases I focused on were "What should I do", "You should..." and "Why don't you...".

I stole and spliced into my ppt an awesome super hero 'Make your own adventure" type game where the class is split into three large groups and must use "You should...". The team with the most steps/points wins. Then I did another game I found on here where all the students in a column stand up and the first student to raise their hand and finish the gap fill on the ppt slide correctly can sit down. When there is one last student standing every student on that student's row must then stand up and commence the game in the same fashion.

In between these activities I practiced the key expressions with the dialogues from their main textbook and activity book (you can see this in the ppt).